Moto G Common Problems and Bugs

Moto G is a perfect budget Smartphone for this year 2022 among all the mobile devices launched .It is a low budget device with high class performance over all. It has done better sales in the beginning and after few months, it went out of stock due to increase of its buyers.S0o Moto G becomes one of the best selling Smartphone of 2022 as well. But as we all know how god this phone is.
But every phone comes with some bugs and problems, even this phone has some. So we are discussing about the bugs and problems of Moto g.

Common problems and bugs of Moto G Smartphone.
1. Camera Bug
Many Moto G owners have encountered this problem of camera error. When they try to start up their camera, it doesn’t start at all and gives no notification. This problem has increased a lot for the owners who have updated their OS to kitkat 4.4. You can solve the problem temporarily by switching off or rebooting your device and after that it will work.
2. SIM cannot be detected
Some of the Moto G owners have reported that their device has stopped recognizing their SIM card.
So using trimmed SIM or nano SIM in Moto G isn’t a good option, as it uses a Micro SIM. If this doesn’t work try using some other adaptor for your nano SIM.
3. Rebooting While Charging
Sometimes Moto G does not charge at all or reboots automatically while charging. Some also have reported that it refuses or reject the charge when at low battery
Sometimes your battery needs rest, so let it get cool for some time and then try plugging it in. It might work.
4. Wi-Fi Drops
Sometime Moto G does not accept Wi-Fi connections nearby and rejects accepted connections. Many people have encountered this same problem.
The best solutions is to restart the device or charging its Wi-Fi mode to off and again turn it to On and it will work properly
5. Audio Quality Drops
Sometimes the audio quality drops off and gives UN equal sounds. It can be solved by do some equalizing in audio settings menu from the device..

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