More Ads in your Facebook News Feed

Now, more and more ads will be shows in your Face book news feed .Previously, Ads were limited and did not had that much bad impact on Face book users. But recently Face book started speeding up the number of days to be shows and as results increased the amount of frustration on users.

Facebook is just trying to convince its advertisers that FB ads are much better and you must make use of them. They also re designed it look in many manners and few re designs were updated. Some of the facebook users got the new look and some didn’t.

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Mobile Facebook has become worse by number of increased ads, It’s so tight for them to use FB on daily basis. Users are not convinced by its new strategies to earn money .See, if Face book puts ads even on mobile network. Then, how come a 4 inch screen users enjoy the service of Facebook. That would be a foolish way to decrease Facebook’s mobile limit.

All the ads are shows in your News feed. Intentionally or unintentionally you may click those ads. Because hose ads looks like some of your friend might have posted it, but that’s not true.
Facebooks says that they are very carefully about the ads shows in users news feed but they are damn wrong. They aren’t doing anything. Here is a sentence said by the COO of facebook about the Ads shows in Users news feed, COO Sheryl Sandberg said, “We’ve been fairly cautious about only rolling out a certain amount [of sponsored stories] and we intend to continue to be cautious.”

Anyways, how eve they try but there are not going to decrease the ads from news feed and it will become a regular exercise to click them by mistakes and let Facebook make millions of profits from those sponsored advertisement.
The right solution for ads to be not shown on your timeline is having a Ads blocker. You can download any good Ads blocker separately for Facebook and install it on your browser. This might reduce the Ads effect.
Another notice is that, Facebook is soon going to reveal and launch its new Video Advertisement type. This is going to hit Face book soon.

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