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Internet Speed Test: Are you a fan of fast web browsing that thrills you with the excitement of watching your favorite movies and shows in HD and Ultra HD too! But are you sure your internet is up to the mark to allow you to stream these so called Ultra HD and 4K movies or clips? Well maybe or maybe not because once you buy either your Broadband plan for your desktop or WiFi connection or else the mobile Internet package you can see that the service provider says they provide a fixed download or upload speed.

Well, to some extent these speeds are reliable but as you all know the Internet speed that you get at the end of the day while downloading or uploading anything is half of what any service provider promises you and that is why it is essential for you to find yourself a good service provider but even so can anyone be sure that the Internet speed is upto top notch?

Yes, you can and that is why we are embarking to write this article which serves as a guide to help you understand how you can easily check your Internet Speed Test in less than a few minutes.

Why is Internet Speed Test Important

We have already discussed that in our modern day to day life Internet prevalence has become a necessary existence and to the point where a better performing connection with good internet speed is the talk of the day now. The simple reasons why you should be looking forward and need to test your Internet speed are mentioned below.

  • To know if your are getting promised Internet speed from your Broadband service provider
  • To check if your mobile service operator certainly is providing the speed as mentioned in your data plan
  • If the speed is not up to what is offered or was said in the plan, then you can save money by switching to a better service provider

How to check Internet Speed Test – Check Internet Speed via

I have seen people suggest a lot of online websites through which you can find out the speed of your Internet and yes most of them work essentially the same. But it does not mean you can use any because none of them have the UI or UI designed with Ping acceleration like does.

  • Step 1: First you have to open your browser and then go to the website from your browser and the device on which you want to check the internet speed for
  • Step 2: Once you are on the website homepage, then it will automatically start to test your Internet speed right away
  • Step 3: Once it is done, it will show your download speed on the screen and to learn more information you can then click on “Show more Info” option as well
  • Step 4: When you click on “Show more info” option then it will test your Internet’s download and upload speed once again with more accuracy

In this guide, we have used which is one of the world’s largest Internet speed test providers.

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