How to withdraw investments if the investor death?

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No one can replace the one who is working day and night with out giving rest to brain dies, the thing what we can do to the family which has lost some one like that is by strength to fight the consequences, what we have to learn is about withdraw investments if the investor dies which a person can get by financial stability, if the person has died investing in the policies then by helping the family members to get the investments back, in this article i am going to tell you about how to get the investments of the died investor in detail.

1.Check whether there is nominee

The died person has taken a policy then he can nominate some other person for the policy so that his family could be benefited, if there is a nominee nominated to a particular policy then the nominee can transfer the money into his account or can claim the policy, for different claims there will be different types of letters that are to be written to the agencies, some required documents are also to be pinned with the letter to claim.

2.Documents required to withdraw if the investor dies

Investors death certificate (original, if original is not there then a notary with the gazetted bank manager signature after notary checked by the gazetted officer of the bank), original copy of the policy document, cancelled check, KYC certification document, nominee Bank account details policy form certified by bank manager, if the nominee is a minor then the family should submit birth certificate and guardian letter.

3.If there is no nominee

If the mutual funds are on the name of the died investor and he has not nominated any other person then there is a complications, these investments can be claimed by submitting few other documents which are respectively Indemnity bond written by legitimate heirs on a stamp paper, an affidavit also to be submitted by legitimate heirs on a stamp paper, identification details of heirs such as address details and bank details.

4.If the account is joint account

Mutual funds agencies allows joint accounts to be taken by up to a maximum of 3 members, all mutual transactions have a same benefit, this joint account can be taken by husband and wife and family members, these mutual funds can be maintained by other if any thing happens to joint holders then the situation is different and have to face different issues for claiming.

5.If the main client dies

If the main account holder dies then a letter is to be written to the agencies and death certificate of the main account holder, other clients KYC certification documents and the bank details, PAN, address of next customer.

6.Other Reasons

If the person other than main account holder dies then the account remains in hold of the main account holder, if in joint account the main account holder is killed by one of the joint account holder the other person can hold the policy but he has to submit the documents such as death certificate of account holder, New customers Kyc document, PAN number, bank details and the form stating replacement of the account holder with new member.


If all the documents have been submitted for different reasons then the agency members will check if all documents are good then they will calculate the net amount and give it as a check or transfer to the bank account.

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