How to Study in USA A complete Guide

Students who have completed their study and looking for future graduation in America,USA then you must follow my guide to study in USA. Any student in India who have completed their Intermediate + 4 years under graduation can apply for graduation from USA.You can also apply for under graduation but I will be showing only for graduation now. Studying in USA is not a mere hard task really, You just need to follow my steps to get a seat to study in USA.


Here I will be discussing the requirements that would be necessarily be required for studying in USA.SO, have this entire thing ready when you apply for your studies.
Passport and Visa :Yes, you need to have a verified passport and visa for USA stay to study the whole graduation education course.
Under Graduation Pass certificates: If you want to apply for graduation, then you must have passed all your under graduation papers without any backlogs of subject’s, have all the certificates ready.
These two are the primary things to be considered at first and let’s now get on with how to apply for study in USA for graduation.
1. Chose a university and Apply for it
There are many universities in USA like Cambridge and university of California which are known for their high reputation all over the world. You will be asked to write entrance test before being selected by any of the university for sure.
2. Education Cost
This is the important point of our topic. If you study in USA, then you must have a considerable amount of payment to be done to the universities for education. I will be quoting some of the fees cost asked primarily by universities in USA.
Cost of education in USA is nearly $15000 – $30000 which merely depends on your education course.
3. Living Cost in USA
After selecting any of the university and its payment. You have to find a place to live, like boarding facility by universities or self housing facility. My quotation of living cost in USA also include Home stay, Food and Clothing etc.All basic needs.
The cost of living in US merely cost like $10,000 – $12,000 only.
So, it’s on you to find one of the best universities to pursue your further studies.

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