How to save our self from Summer

Now its April month and summer has started a little before of this with fierce weather conditions and temperature reaching around 35-45 degrees Celsius in some parts of India. As we all know summer brings hotness changing not only temperature of one part of the world but it completely changes the aspect of temperature thought out the world. The summer comes melting the icebergs of Antarctica and spreads wide hot temperature all over the atmosphere.

SO what does it cause?
It causes change in temperature brining change in climate and obviously a change in the human, animal and other’s heaths. Change in health is a severe cause during summer in humans. Evan small weather changes ultimately causes many diseases in humans, but summer rings more dreadful changes in humans. When we keep the diseases a apart. We also come to know how hot it becomes during summer.
It is observed in some parts of India that change in climate, more precisely change in temperature from cold to hot. Causes many weather affect and also humans’ die of sunstroke. Being hit by sun stroke is a common issue during summer.
What is Sun stroke?
A sun stroke is a condition in which a human being fells unconsciously .It I caused due to regular or more exposure of human beings to sun o sun rays.
Is summer, so severe?
Yes, it is so severe. It may also cause damage to human life. Sometimes even causing death. It is severe because of the ultra violet rays which come directly from sun and then being depleted by OZON. But now a day’s OZON is being ruptured or damaged due to excess pollution.
How to save our self from summer?
Summer is dangerous, so saving our self from it damage is also necessary. We will be discussing few of the tips to safeguard our self.
1. Sun Lotion
Sun screen lotion should be applied to faces and other body parts to prevent skin darkening and other damages.
2. Face Mask
It gets really hot during summer and those sun ray’s hit your directly on the face. So, using a Face mask prevents the tension of being exposed our face to sun.
3. Hats or Caps
Wear hats so sun rays don’t hit you on your head.
Note: use only white or light color hats.
4. Drink water
Always have a bottle of water with you. Drink it at regular intervals of time.
5. Say no to Black colored dresses
A black body is readily exposed to sun and heat. So using a black colored dress in summer is like committing suicide.

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