How to Rank a YouTube Video on Google

Ranking a YouTube video on Google can be considered as YouTube SEO. It is pretty much same as of Websites and Facebook SEO. Youtube which is the second biggest search engine worldwide and ranked first as one of the best video search engine ever. It covers huge traffic from all kind of sources, it being a revenue sharing websites. People are really attracted towards it. Its average daily traffic is around 30-35 Millions views/day.

So, now we are going to discuss how to rank a video on Google as well YouTube, using some basic knowledge of SEO.

1. Make your Video
Video is the main concept here, so make a attractive and informative video to on YouTube which would attract more people .Information should be unique and different from others.

2. Choose a Keyword for Video
Keyword plays a ultimate role everywhere in SEO. Better keyword optimization is necessary for good ranking. Choose a familiar keyword and which can have more searches on YouTube.
I will recommend using this kind of Video Keyword which is commonly accepted by Google.

  • How to (Ur keyword) – How to Drink Tea
  • (Something) Review – HTC One Review
  • Setting Up (Something) – Setting up Blogger
  • Installing (Something) – Installing Ubuntu

Something can e replaced by your keyword to be used in YouTube video.
3. Upload your Video
Choose your video to be uploaded with graphic enhances for better results and upload it on YouTube. But keeping YouTube SEO in mind.

Choose a Title

Choose a better title with you video keyword in it.

Here is an example of it ; How to Install Windows 7

But the thing I noticed in YouTube ranking is that, it is somewhat similar to Blogger. If you keep your Keyword before your ttile, it has better chances to more ranking.

4. Description
Write a short descriptions about your video, if it a review. Write what it is about and what have your reviewed in it and some of its specifications.
Tip: Most of YouTube users check description, so you have chances to promote your Facebook, Google Plus ands twitters Pages here. Put their link at the bottom of the Description.

5. Tags
Choose tags with keywords in it.
For example, I use a review video, and then I would consider tags such as.
Blogger Review ,Blogger Hosting Review, Blogger Set Up Review.

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