How to Create a Partition in Windows

This article features on how to create a partition in windows 7.It’s a easy method and can also be used in windows XP and Vista to create a separate partition. Below method contains only 9 steps which will help you and make understand on how to make a separate partition in windows 7.

Step .1
Go to Run

Open your run command and type “diskmgmt.msc” in it and then disc management appears on the screen.


Now, you can see the empty space and navigate to the new simple volume menu item. So it’s easy till here and follows out me on step 3

Step 3 shows you how to start the simple volume wizard .You can just follow above image.


Here is the simple volume wizard.
After this it depends on you, that how many drives you want to make out of the empty space .But I won’t be making many, just follow my below steps.


See above is the present space and next you will be going to decide whether to turn it into one drive or many. Keep it simple, don’t make many. It will get buzzy.So,I advise to make few. Not even few just try for one.
And above you need to choose volume that can fit in between max and min size of total allotted space.


Here you need to choose what kind of disk you want to make. I mean that, you may choose NTFS and FAT32 also. I don’t advise to use other settings till you have any specific reason to change the given space or allotted space.
Here, you need to assign designation to your drive other than the drives on your computer like A,B,C,D. Choosing NTFS option is better, Because if the storage space allotted or the space you choose is premium.


Here, you need to choose the type of drive option.
You can see above that I’ve choose NTFS type and allocation in unit is set to default. You can also label the drive now.
After you are finished, just click finish button.


You will have your desired drive with your desired label, space and ready to be used. You can store/delete from now.


This is the last preview image, showing that an extra drive from allotted space is created using g the NTFS type.
So, that was my quick and easy process to make a new drive or create a new drive in windows 7.

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