How to choose a Smartphone to buy

Smartphone’s production has steadily increased these years and has brought revolutionary change to the world of technology by introducing latest tech and features in small sized packet devices. Prices were a bit high at the verge but now, with the production of low budget devices. Everyone is now capable of buying any kind of Smartphone he wants with new features.
You need to know what kind of device you want to buy, I mean every need of yours is important and can be fulfilled. So, we will be discussing now, how to choose a Smartphone to buy for you. We will guide you through all the process to be done and what points you need to look into while buying a device.

1. Budget
Choose a minimum budget and a maximum budget from your pocket. Also see that the Smartphone you’re going to buy is available in EMI’S from any store. Low budget devices are ruling this year. Of course, a minimum budget would be 10k-15k.and Max will be more than 20k.
2. Company
While buying a Smartphone, choosing a good branded device is advised. Big companies have repair centers and help centers all over the city, so it will be good if you need any help and also a major point is that big companies like Samsungs, HTC are known for their consistency. So, you will never be regretted about your purchase from them.
3. Size and Camera
Size does matter, now regularly every one is using 5 inch screen devices. You can also buy a tablet or phablet of 7-12 inch screen but choosing what fits in your pocket and for regular use is necessary.
Better primary and secondary camera of 10 and 5 Megapixels respectively would serve a good purpose of photo capturing.
4. Storage, Processor and RAM
Internal storage should be around 8-16 Gigabytes and external storage should be expendable about 32 or 64 Gigabytes.
Now, we are having devices which run of Quad core processor at a speed of more than 2 GHZ and RAM should be way more than 1 GB for this generation gaming and other purposes.
5. Battery
Normal batteries support less than 15 hours but choose one which can work for longer hours and take deep stress on usage.

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