How to Check Google Algorithm Update Effects on Your Blog

Google search engine which is used by millions of users every day. Google wanted to make its search engine more perfect to users. To improve its search results and provide quality content o users was its aim. So, they decided to bring in algorithmic e effects which would make our search engine more perfect. Google team made three major algorithmic affects namely Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Humming Bird.

All of them were launched after successive gaps. First Google algorithm effect was launched in 2012, Second in 2013 and Third in 2014.There are many assumptions about its fourth Algorithmic update in 2015 which would take SEO and web browsing to a entire different level.
So, the most important question which arises in every web master and website owner mind is that. How to know whether their Blog/Website is affected by any of the above algorithm updates. So, I would be describing few methods to know whether your blog/website is affected by them and also some ways to prevent them.

1. Steady Decrease in Traffic
The most common symptom/reason that would let you know whether your blog is affected by algorithmic updates is that, there will be a steady decrease in its traffic. If you follow foul methods and black hat tricks to optimize your blog/website, then surely Google will penalize you by decreasing your traffic. If your traffic decreases. You will lose your Google search engine ranking.

Your daily traffic decreases as well and there are chances to delete away your blog.
So use of Black Hat, Paid back links, should be avoided.

2. Social Media Exchange/Prestige decreases
Social media has become an important part of our world. Every web master uses Social media to target his audience and get healthy views .Pro bloggers have said that, social media also increases your search engine ranking. When Google start penalizing your website. You automatically lose your ranking and social media audience targeting will be very difficult. As
reader would want original and good content to read. If they won’t get, what they deserved. You will also lose your social media prestige
Then You Facebook page taking and like decreases. Google Plus followers won’t be engaged on to your links.

3. Adsense might ban you
Google based advertising co operation used by millions of bloggers. Adsense pays according to the number of click a website receives. Then it calculates and sends checks to adsnese users. If your website traffic decreases, then you won’t have any one to click your ads and adsense doesn’t appreciate it. No money will be jammed in your account and you will be left without any pennies. If Google warns for violating its guidelines, then it also has rights to ban your account without any intimation.
So, our last point is that, all your income methods would go down.

4. PageRank decreases
This is another effect caused by Google algorithm effect. Your website page rank would decrease. Your Page Rank would decrease from 3 to 2 or also one.

5. You lose your Search engine listing
When you search your website keywords topics related to your website. Then, you might find no results in the search engine.

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