How to Change TIN Numbers for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Paying regular tax to government is necessary for all dealers from small to large. Ether it is a business man or a small business merchant. One should pay accordingly his tax id number to the government. Every business man or a dealer in every state is given a separate TIN number which is the abbreviation of Tax Id Number.
Tax Id number is a special TAX paying ID number for only one business man to pay his or her tax accordingly.

So, now we will be discussing how to change TIN number for AP or telangana state. This problem rose due to state separation of andhra Pradesh which occurred in last month followed by many agitations in the whole state.

One has two chances to change his TIN number; more precisely he can change his TIN number from andhra Pradesh to any of the separate state of andhra or telangana.

For Andhra State TIN number Register
For example if your registered in a state of anantapur as shown in the below image, then you have three options.

For Telengana State TIN number Register
You can have your TIN number in the same state even after the separation. But if you want to change to any district belonging in telangana .Then follow below steps.

Then, you need to click on the first option available.You will be registered in the state of telangana.

For Andhra and Telangana State TIN number Register
Now, you will have another option of changing your state. If you don’t want registering in any one of the state but want in both states. You can do it also. You can also have registered your TIN number in both states.
You can see in the below image, you have the option of registering your TIN number in both the states.

Those were three cases where you have to change the state.
If any of the TIN registered wants to change his state from telangana to andhra or andhra to telangana can follow below steps.

Above image shows who to change TIN number from registered telangana state to andhra state.
Forms and other details . One must be sure with all details necessary to be filled and must have all the necessary document and forms to be filled and given to the government.

Here is the link of website, where you can get all the forms required for TIN registration in different scenes.

You need to be sure what you’re dealing. Using online form is the dealer login.

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