How to Apply for PhD in USA

I will be explaining how to apply for PHD in USA. Every student aspires to do more education in better countries like USA. So, it’s every penny worth studying in USA for any educational course but not only for PHD. Because of USA vast educational system and government is very consistent in providing education at perfect. The other benefits are that you get better placement options from world big companies and most probably you even get hire from one of those companies.

You might be wondering why to do PHD in USA when you can do it in Indian also?
So, my answer is USA is pioneer 9in world education. It is very consistent with every educational course. You also get an opportunity to know yourself and surroundings.
Chose Your Search Subject
PHD is all about the major your research about. SO, the major subject you research on must be perfect and you should have intrest on it. It also depends on your undergraduate course work.
List of some of the universities with those subjects
USA is filled with lots of universities providing the same course. So, make a list of all those universities which provide your chosen course and also compare them in every aspect. SO, you will be in benefit when you make comparison between all of them.
Take General test
Some of the generals test like GRE, TOEFL. You need to apply for any one the tests which are required for entering your chosen subjects.
Rate Your University/College

  • When you have chosen a bunch of college, then you must rate them accordingly.
  • Funding provided by the college, College GPA. Make some research online.
  • You need to take in account you’re GRE and TOEFL marks to get admission.

Recommendation Letter
You surely need a recommendation letter when you migrate to other country for studies. So, you would suggest getting a recommendation letter from some of the local and well knowing people of that city where your university is situated or from any high authority person from your own country.
Collect all documents and GRE/TOEFL scores submitted to the university along with recommendation letter.
Collect all important documents like you undergraduate course marks and school marks with spread sheet. Then you need to get all other details like your housing facility, name and personal details submitted in a classified bio form.

Get your GRE/TOEFL marks and submit them to the university authorities with a recommendation letter for faster admission.

So, you’re done with the process of applying for a PhD in USA. Wish you luck for your future.

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