How to Apply Driving License Online

Driving License Online Application for Andhra and Telangana for Two and Fore wheelers..
Anyone who wishes to drive a vehicle either two wheeler or four wheeler must get a certified driving license from the government of respective state. In case, I will be discussing about Andhra Pradesh state.
There are many things to be considered be getting a driving license. First of all, one must ensure that he or she is above the age of 18.Below we will only be discussing how to apply for driving license online but if you can’t get it from online. You don’t need to worry Just follow all steps and go to nearby government driving centre or transport centre to get a driving license.

Visit the main site of Andhra Pradesh Transport Department
Above is the link of website you need to go and follow our given procedure.
1. Take an Appointment You need to make an appointment or book a slot to ensure your driving license.
2. Book a Slot Here is the link of government website to book a slot
3. You will be re directed this site and you need to click on first menu. It is a drop menu with three items.
1. Learner license test
2. Driving License Test
3. Driving Slot Ailabilty

4. Then Get a LLR – Learning License Number and Go for driving license test registration (Second tab)
5. Next you will be taken to this page after clicking second link.

In first tab, fill your Learning License Number and date also. That finishes off first box.
6. In second Box, you will fill all your personal information. All correct information should be put or else, it may take long time to change it to correct ones.

7. When you fines off your personal data, you have to select whether a two or four wheeler license.
8. Last Box need to be put up the test centre you want to give your driving test.
9. After selecting one test centre. Click on Submit and you will have a desalted copy of your driving test to be conducted.

1. Government and the respective test centre will get notified of your test duration. Your online work is done now.

11. All you need is to give driving test, to get a certified driving license.

*Disclaimer: Above published information is only for reference purposes, for any changes on this content we refer to visit the official website, and we are not responsible for anything.


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