How is Hypertension Caused

Hypertension is a type of tension caused to the suppression of blood pressure or Increase of blog pressure in a common human body. It is harmful to a human body and it may also lead to coma or death of hypertension increases. It is a common in human beings working day long and forced to do tedious work.

We will be discussing, the reasons why hypertension is caused and how to decrease the problems caused due to hypertension.

Stress and Strain:
Stress is a common cause which leads to hypertension. Workers working all day long from morning to evening happen to feel stress and pain in their body. Which decreases the functioning of their organs and BP eventually increases.
Stress is felled when one human being is posed to tedious work.

Smoking has increased tremendously this decade. Many human beings are smoking which is causing ill effect in them, increasing Blood Pressure. Even those human beings who do not smoke but who smell or take in the smoke of cigarettes, also get affected to hypertension. It is mostly seen in age group of 25-45 which shows us that Youth and elders are enjoying it and risking not only their lives but also others.

Proper Diet:
Reduce in intake of proper diet or not taking proper diet also causes hypertension. Vegetable foods should be taken daily and roadside or street food should be neglected. A survey proved that eating of road side food suppress the body functioning and heath of human beings, but also most of them tend to eat it.

Drinking of Beverages:
Beverages like alcohol are very dangerous to humans. It not only increases our Body pressure but also make a human unconscious. He cannot feel good or bad and ultimately losses control over him.Drinking of alcohols also increases chances of accidents.

Let’s discuss how we can solve the problems caused by hyper tension.
Firstly, the main cause we feel is that is smoking of cigarettes. Government should take necessary measure to solve it. Taking in Chewing gums specially made of cigarette smokers to decrease the rate of smoking. It really works. Healthy food should be taken, so that our body is fit and perfect of all kind of problems to face. Reduce in taking of beverages like alcohol is to be maintained. Not only Alcohol but Other beverages like Cocoa Cola, Limca, Sprite, Red Bull should be taken in low proportions.

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