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HoTMaiL was an online email service that operated for free of charge. Letters H, T, M and L are written in capital and they are an homage to HTML.  The service was started in 1995 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. In December 1997, it was acquired by Microsoft. It had over 100 million users by the year 2001, and it was among the webmail services that were most popular. Its users could send and read e-mails when they had an access to the internet. Over the last decade.

Hotmail has gone through several changes which made it better. Its users can now enjoy a number of options such as organization tools, audio players, and spam filtering. With their MSN Messenger and passport features, Microsoft has been able to integrate the email service. Constant upgrading has been experienced with Hotmail, making it remain to be among the email service providers that are on the lead.

Transition from Hotmail to Outlook
In the year 2012, Hotmail had a feeling that Gmail had taken away their position and title of being the largest web-based email service in the world. Hotmail also released preview version in the same years. This was a new service that they believed that would give email a new image. After the preview.

They were impressed by the results and they announced that they would move Hotmail users to Outlook, the new service by the year 2013. However, Hotmail users experienced no disruption in their services during this transition. All their passwords, folders, contacts, and messages remained the same. The users had the ability to initiate this change through signing into themselves.

Why use Hotmail?
There are a number of benefits that come along with one using Hotmail services. For instance, one is able to easily communicate with relatives and friend from all over the world. Only an access to the internet is required for one to be able to enjoy this service. It also has a personal folder which enables the user to group their emails by type. This makes it easy and faster to search for related emails. There is also a Microsoft office support which allows one to open the word document in SkyDrive.

It can be connected to Facebook chat and one socializes with their Facebook friends. Hotmail has fewer Ads compared to Google. Most people are usually irritated by Ads popping out every now and then. A Hotmail user can enjoy exchange ActiveSync support service, which is a program designed for corporate users. It helps to sync calendar, emails, and contacts. This makes Hotmail the best email service provider compared to Gmail. There are so much that Hotmail users enjoy that those who use Gmail don’t.

How to Create a Hotmail account

Although many people in different parts of the world still use Hotmail email addresses, one cannot be able to create a Hotmail account. This is because Hotmail was upgraded to Outlook, which offers the same services and experience as Hotmail. Therefore, one can easily create a Microsoft Outlook email account by using the following steps.

  • Go to your web browser and open Microsoft Outlook website. Alternatively, you can use the link
  • On the top-right side of the page, there a like written as “Create account.” Click it.
  • One is then required to create their email address. This is done by typing their preferred email name. This name is typed into the text field found in the middle of the page by the name, “New email.” One can also select their email address’ domain which can be either or This can be achieved by clicking an arrow facing downwards on the right side of the “New email” field. One should then click the domain of their choice.
  • Entering a personal password is the next step. It should include a combination of both numbers and letters.
  • The next step is unchecking the “send me promotional emails from Microsoft” box. This is for those who would not like to receive Microsoft’s product offers. For those who would be interested in receiving the offers can skip this step.
  • One should then click on the next button which is found below the “Create password” box.
  • Entering your first name in the “First name” field and the last name in the “Last name” field should follow.
  • After filling that space one should then click “Next” button.
  • One is then required to select their current region or country. However, Outlook usually detects where a person is and fills this step automatically.
  • In the “Birthdate” section, one should enter their birth date. There are month, day and year boxes to guide the user on where to put what.
  • The user should then proceed by clicking the “Next” button.
  • The next step is whereby the user enters the verification code. It is a list of distorted numbers and letters in a box found at the middle of the page. They should be typed in the box entitled “enter the characters you see”. One can click on the “New” button to generate a new code or click on “Audio” for the code to be read aloud.
  • When that is done, the user is supposed to click on the “Next” button and the account will be successfully created. However, the correct verification code must have been entered.

Sign into Hotmail on Different Devices

It is possible for a person or persons to log into the same Hotmail account on different devices. This helps in cases whereby people have a group account and they need to access the same information from one person. They can create a Hotmail account and they can all login and access the emails. However, they must use the same email address and username.

Hotmail Sign in On PCs

It is possible for persons to log into Hotmail account on PCs. They only need to open their browser and go to Microsoft free personal email and sign in.

Hotmail Sign in on Android

Android refers to a mobile operating system that was developed by Google. It is used by several tablets and smartphones. Some of the smartphones and tablets that use Android are Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus One and Sony Xperia among others. Such devices can be used in signing in to Hotmail account.

However, the device has to be connected to the internet. One needs to first set up either Hotmail or Outlook email address on their Android device. This will enable them to easily log into their Hotmail accounts. For those who use Gmail along with their Microsoft account, they should stick to their Gmail app.

It can also be used to sign in onto a Hotmail account. After launching the Outlook app, “Add account” will appear on the screen. The outlook for Microsoft account should be chosen, even for those whose email addresses are or After that one should onscreen instructions. While using one should open the Gmail app and then slide out the sidebar found on the left edge of the screen.

The tone should then tap on the arrow found next to the account name. A list of available set up will appear and one should choose Hotmail, Outlook or Live. What follows is putting in the email address, password and the authentication code which is a two-factor. The final step is giving the Gmail app permission to access the account.

Hotmail Sign in on iOS

IOS refers to a mobile operating system. It was developed by Apple Company. It was formally known as iPhone OS. In the year 2009 June, it was renamed to iOS. It runs on iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. It uses a graphical user interface. The following are steps on how to sign in Hotmail using an iOS device.

  • On your device, go to settings, select accounts & passwords and you add account
  • Choose
  • This will lead to an appearance of a login page on your screen. Email address requires to be entered first then click on “Next.”
  • Hotmail email password requires to be entered before tapping on the sign in button.
  • When the iOS requests for a permission to access your data, tap yes to allow.
  • One can then select the kind of Hotmail data they want to access on their iPhone. One has an option to sync their calendar, email, contacts, and reminders with their Hotmail. If set by default, everything is turned on. The user should then proceed to save the changes made.
  • The Hotmail account newly created should be available at the mail application on the iOS device.

Login features of Hotmail in yester years

There are several features that can be associated with Hotmail in yester. First, it was simple to login. This was done by:

  • The user typing or to access Hotmail domain.
  • One could also use the Hotmail main page or MSN homepage to login.
  • Only one key in the username and password was required by the panel to login.
  • There was a “stay logged in option” that enabled people to access their inboxes directly.

However, due to the need for more security measures, Microsoft has today increased the number of features that enable one to login.

Benefits of new Outlook domain

There are so many advantages that the users of the new Outlook domain enjoy compared to other users. Some of them are as follows.

  • It is cheap and affordable. There is a platform known as office 365 which combines corporate-class productivity tools and email all in one solution.
  • It is fast. This can help in saving clients’ time as I work at a faster rate.
  • The tech stays up-to-date. By the tech staying up-to-date, it means that it is efficient, giving the user a competitive advantage.
  • The continuous evolution of technology. The current technology helps in ensuring that the communication is efficient and interoffice productivity is excellent. It also helps the user to be able to back up their documents.
  • There are multiple options available. It gives the user varieties to choose from.

Hotmail login process

It is very easy for one to login into their Hotmail account, all that is required of them is to load the Hotmail login page and type After loading this page, there is a sign in the section on the right side. One is required to enter their details, their Hotmail address and the password and then click on “sign in” button.

After login in one is able to read the emails in the “inbox” section, reply or delete among other things. The process is easy and fast making Hotmail be more efficient and user-friendly. The most important thing is the user keeping in mind the Hotmail email address and the password. However, if forgotten they can still be retrieved.

New Hotmail account features

The new Hotmail account has more feature that is more efficient and user-friendly. They also make the account more secure. They are as follows.

  • A-Level security feature it helps in ensuring that the account is more secured.
  • It enables the user to view, edit and share office documents without downloading them into the computer first. This helps the client to save more time and their computer space also.
  • It has a real-time document collaboration which enables people in different locations to edit the same file at the same time. The document to be edited has to be present on the SkyDrive of the document sender.
  • One can be able to edit and reply a document or file. This can now be done online without having to download the document first.
  • It also enables one to send huge files of up to 10 GB files in one email.
  • It also enables one to send and view images.
  • One can be able to filter all emails with social updates, emails from groups and regular contacts with ease.
  • It gives the user a chance to do the quick view of their photos and documents by either clicking on photos or documents link.
  • One can view videos and images sent to them using links on the email. Hotmail allows them to view them on their email supports YouTube and Hulu services.
  • It also has a search auto-complete feature which gives one suggestion after only typing just a few letters.
  • It helps one to view a conversation that took place through email by different people.
  • It has a sweep feature which enables one to move or delete unnecessary document at a go.
  • There is a remove spam feature which blocks the emails the user usually puts into the trash without reading them.
  • The users also enjoy IM and Text messaging from the inbox. It enables one to chat with their friends inside Hotmail interface.
  • Exchange ActiveSync is a Hotmail feature that enables the user to sync the calendar emails and contacts between their phone and web.
  • Hotmail highlights allow one to see the emails that they received from their contacts, flagged content, social media update notifications and friends birthdays after login into the account.

Secure login features of Hotmail

These are the feature that helps one to secure their accounts. They are:

  • A-Level security feature
  • Hotmail account disallows weak passwords that can be easily guessed.
  • It gives a user a chance to set a “make my password expire every 72 days” option.
  • It sometimes sends a “one-time single use code” to ensure that nobody in login into the account without the owner’s knowledge.

Steps involved in creating Hotmail account

  • First, the step is going to the web browser and opening the Hotmail website.
  • Click on “Create account.” On the right side.
  • Create an email address or choosing a domain address.
  • Entering a personal password is the next step. It should include a combination of both numbers and letters.
  • The next step is unchecking the “send me promotional emails from Microsoft” box.
  • Creating a password is the next step.
  • Then filling in the user’s names
  • Then selecting the current region or country.
  • Filling in the date of birth.
  • Entering the verification cord is the next step.
  • After that, the account will be successfully created.

Create a Hotmail email alias

Hotmail supports multiple email aliases. An alias refers to an additional email address to the Hotmail account. With this alias, one can protect their primary e-mail address. This is how it is done.

  • Sign in to the Microsoft account and click on “your info” option found next to the home option.
  • The move to “manage your sigh in email address”.
  • Then select “add email alias.” At this point, one enters the address that they want to use as the alias. It is the created by clicking at “add alias” option.

Hotmail sign in problems

Sometimes one may be having the problem in signing into their Hotmail account. The following might be the reason.

  • One is not inserting the right password.
  • The two-step verification is turned on.
  • The user is using a new device.
  • The user is travelling.

The following are the steps that can be used to solve this problem:

  • If one is certain that the password is correct, then they should ensure that the Caps Lock is turned off on their device, and their email address is correctly spelled.
  • Try using a different browser or clear the browser history.
  • Check if the internet connection is connected and strong.
  • If the password was recently changed, try using the old password.

Can not recall the password
It is normal for persons to forget their passwords. One should reset their password so that they can be able to sign into their Hotmail account again. To reset the password on windows 10 pc, the following steps should be followed:

  • One needs to sign in on their device and type the account they have forgotten the password.
  • Then select “I forgot my password.”
  • One should type the characters displayed in the box found below “Enter the character you see” then click on next.
  • Choose the manner in which you want to receive the verification code, either through a text or email. If a text is chosen, then the four digits displayed should match the last four digits of the user’s phone number.
  • The cord should be then inserted, reset your password selected and the new password typed in.
  • One should then select next to return to sign in screen.
  • The new password should be used to sign in.

Check the caps lock
One should always remember to check on the Caps Lock of their device while inserting the email address and the password. If the Caps Lock is on while inserting both or either email address or the password, and they were created using the lower case, the user will have a problem while logging in.

Sign in with a different device
A person may be having problems in signing into their Hotmail account on a new device. This can be solved by one receiving a one-time code which is inserted in order to enable one login in a new device.

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