Heartbleed Bug is Fixed Now

Heartbleed bug which has become a popular and devastating bug this year has been fixed. Yes, the bug which has be flawing software’s programs all over the world has now been solved.HeartBleed bug was found by a blogger online, he said that he found a new bug which bug Openssl data and may change the content of mails and websites traffic. This bug became popular all over the world and become an associated bug with Indian networks.

First of all we must start with the bug is all about and everything detail about it.
What is Heartbleed bug?
Heartbleed is a security bug associated with encryption of Openssl Datat. OpenSSL which is widely used for transaction of TSL protocol. It may exploit any client or party also. About 1.5% of 8000,000 OpenSSL enabled websites wee attacked and exploited by Heartbleed bug. CVE-2014-0160 is the said to be the official reference to this heartbleed bug. Every bug has a special reference as of this bug has CVE-2014-0160.

What it is generally about?
When Heartbleed bug exploits any network it leaks away the memory content and all other data from server to clients and clients to servers.
Why This Bug Is So Different?
It is different because some bugs get directly and generally fixed in newer version. But his bug has left large amount private data and keys open to public on internet.
Do You Want To Know What Does This Bug Leak?
Heartbleed Bugs leaks Primary key materials, Secondary key material ,Protected Content and Other collateral.
Who Found Heartbleed Bug?
According to sources, we come to know that Neel Mehta of Google security team reported the Heartbleed Bug on April,2014.
Heartbleed Bug Is Fixed Now?
Yes, every bug needs to be fixed and even this bug got fixed in this year . Heartbleed bug is fixed by releasing a new version OpenSSL on April7,2014.On the same occasional day, the popular bug was disclosed forever.

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