Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm Released

Google released algorithm updates to make itself a better place for users. Algorithms were made to make our search engine results more relevant and useful. The only aim was to eliminate the worse from the web and provide the best. Since the Google has been rolling its updates continuously. And these algorithmic updates have made Google a better search engine than previous years. Google introduced three major algorithm updates. They are Penguin, Panda and Humming bird effects.

We come to know that Google has released Panda 3.0 recently and even on Moz cast the weather hit 98 degrees Celsius. It was a suspicious update; many bloggers thought it was hoax. But many website SERP rankings were changed. Yes, my website also got some changes due to penguin 3.0.Some of the changes were like, my website hit double page views than normally. Many other bloggers have also experienced the same results.

Yet another Penguin update was released today. Google released penguin 4.0 and this time it was a real algorithm update by Google. This time Google updates changed the SERP rankings completely. SERP rankings for bad content websites got penalized by Penguin 4.0.They were seriously hit by Penguin 4.0 and while other websites which had quality content with visitor engagement and social ranking got huge profits.

What changes penguin 4.0 updates brought. Some websites were negatively affected. While the one received huge profits like increase in Domain authority and Page authority. Increase in amount of traffic was also observed in this update. Matt cuts announced the release of Penguin 4.0 before itself. He announced the release of penguin 4.0 on his official twitter account. You can check his twitter tweets to make sure. Zimbio website which is popular international website has increased its traffic by 500% on average basis. I was very much dilated to hear increase in traffic. I would try to find what SEO process or tips they followed daily and what led to increase of traffic up to 500%.

SEOMoz update was launched on the same day.
SEOMoz which has been foretelling the future and past of SEO from a year also updated and launched their new SERP rankings. You can go to to check the increase in degrees and compare it with others days.

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