Google fiber Internet Launching Date and plans in India

Google Fiber is a new Internet connection which is launched by Google. Google fiber promises that, they will be giving 100 times faster connection than any normal or average connection of today’s broadband. It is one of project started in United States of America to build one of the best Internet connections. Google has started this process to build, a broad band connection with fiber optic communications.

Google Fiber Logo
Google fiber logo consists of a rainbow colored bunny. The bunny is colored red, yellow, blue and green.

What is its aim?
Google fiber aim is to provide Internet connection to small and under developed cities.To provide them quality internet connection and television broadband without interruption.

In which cities Google Fiber was First Launched?
Google Fiber was firstly launched in the city of kansas and kansas. Then there are many plans of expanding this connection from Kansas city to some of its sub areas.Google has promised to expand their connection to Austin, Texas, Provo, Utah. Slowyly, all cities in America will have Google Fiber connection giving uninterrupted Internet connection to everyone.

In How many cities will be Google fiber be launched?
Google has said that, they will be launching Google fiber in almost 34 cities after expanded all over Kansas and texas.Those 34 cities are marked as future expansions by Google. Below is the distribution plan by google fiber.You will be getting a DVD decoder with a Internet connection.

How Google Fiber Internet be distributed?
The best question is asked, they won’t be digging out roads or sideways for underground lines of Google fiber internet. You will be having Google fiber huts will be placed in and around the city.

How Fats will be its Gigabytes Speed?
It is almost 1000 Megabytes per second which is almost 100 times faster than any average internet or broadband connection. You can download anything in seconds. And if you want to download any High definition movie, it will just take 33 – 40 seconds to download. Isn’t that amazing?

Will Google Fiber be available to other connections or networks?
Not for now, Google has planned to allow its network to other internet and cable operators after some years.

When Launching Google fiber Service’s in India and what is the tariff plans ?
Presently Google is not announced any information officially to Launching Date and Fiber Internet Service Plans. We are Expecting the Service Available very shortly the the Google fiber Internet tariff Plans will be announced.

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