Google Driverless Car: Revolutionary Pilot Car

Google which is the world’s biggest online corporation and technology guru has brought a resolution to the world of cars. Google has proposed and launched the idea of driverless car. Yes, you have heard me right! Driverless car, I mean it will be superior to aero plane autopilot in fact. Google has started test driving its Self Driving Car which will be doing all driving stuff. From steering the car, to accelerating it, car will do everything itself.

Google has said in an event meeting that it will be building 100 test cars for making test drive to aim perfection of Google’s and world’s first Self Driving Car. Google has been test diving with new equipment and has been modifying the first ever prototype car which will run on autopilot. Google has been adding technologies, equipments and many new navigation techs in the car. The main facility of the car is that it needs no human ability or human efforts as it does everything on its own.

Google has said that 100 test cars would also have manual controls for better function an understanding the new prototype design by human’s beings. Later, after being complied. It will be launching new models which will have no manual system to be controlled by human beings.

Do you want to know who the head of this Google project is?
Chris Urmson is the head of Google Self Driving Car car.
What are the functions of the car and its abilities?
It is not a normal driver driven car. It will no longer require any human efforts for sure.
It will have a speed of 25mph and 40kph. According to Google sources we have been informed that speed and accuracy of the car will be increased after some up gradation. It is two seated car which almost looks like a toy car and resembles a electric recharging car. It will run on its own and control the steering and movements of the whole car.

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