Expectations from Apple at WWDC

Apple conducts Apple Worldwide developers Conference every year. This year WWDC will start from June 2.IN this event apple developers from all over the world gather and hear the best which Apple will release this season. So, even this year. Apple will be launching some of its great Devices and applications. Every year they launch Future ideas, Events, iPod version and many devices which are set to be released and many other information’s about the company.

So, every might be buzzing what will Apple be releasing at this WWDC 2022.Even I am excited to know what they would be unveiling this year. I am expecting so many cool devices to be launched this year’s WWDC for sure. They might release even more exiting things which we have no idea of or something we never expected.

Let’s discuss what would Apple release/launch at this year WWDC.
Apple OS would be getting a latest version update at this WWDC. Accordingly to news, they were set to release IOS8 but on the event they released just a beta version for Apple IOS users. They did not release the full version but only a beta version of latest IOS8 OS.
OS X.10.10
Every who is fan of apple must have a Mac product. For those Mac lovers Apple would be releasing latest version of their Mac X.10.10. Products to be expected at this years Apple WWDC.
Apple Retina MacBook AIR
Macbook air pro is set to release this year with high class retina display. Yes ,this device is way better with amazing retina display. It is expected to be released at WWDC or some information about it.
iPhoen 6
Yes, people are willing to know whether any information regarding iPhone 6 launch or release would be revealed .It will be the most anticipated thing at the event for all apple followers.
Some rumors have been going on that iwatch would be released this year but I have no idea bout it.iWatch is a watch with display feature and many other specifications which make it similar to a Smartphone.

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