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Now you can check your EPF balance using EPF passbook, EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) has launched e-passbook service for their subscribers and this EPF e-passbook contains updated information of PF account transactions, only UAN registered members can access this service so, without having UAN account you cannot download EPF passbook.

EPF is generally called as PF account statement consists of everyday, weekly, monthly transactions, withdrawals and earned interests, in simple words e-passbook consists of all transactions from starting date to till now so, users can easily download updated PF e-passbook online from following methods.

Benefits of EPF

  • There is no tax for Employer contribution and
  • The interest earned and the money you withdraw after the specified time is free from Income Tax

What is EPF E-Passbook?
E-passbook is an online version of the PF passbook, where employee’s PF transactions are recorded and all the transitions are displayed on e-passbook, it will include additional details such as name, and date of DOB of the employee, we can download EPF passbook for monthly or yearly and from the binning translation to till now.

  • Open the given URL ‘https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/’.
  • Visit the EPFO member’s site – https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp
  • And fill UAN number and password in login panel
  • after login
  • A page will open containing e-passbook image.
  • click on passbook image and then download your PF Account statement.
  • after downloading passbook document open and check your transaction details on it.

Nowadays downloading or getting of EPF passbook becoming easy so, we are able to download you EPF passbook anywhere at any time, by quick accessing of EPF account will keep the employees updated in downloading from starting and till date of PF Account time to time so there is no need of filing applications and no need of printing, now we explain about how to download EPF  Balance Staments at any time anywhere, there are so many processes to download your EPF Passbook are listed below.

  •  Through Online with UAN
  • Via Mobile app
  • By UMANG app

UAN Login and UAN Activation at EPF Member Portal

For all the above processes we have to login into member portal through UAN (Universal Account Number) Account Number, UAN is also called as Unified Portal, UAN is an unique account number having 12 digits and it is introduced by Employees Provident Fund Organization, to give encouragement to users by giving extra features like IT-Enabled services and linked with Aadhaar details, Subscribers can carry out the auto-transfer process of their PF accounts using UAN this is one benefit so UAN, here we can give step by step process of signing in into UAN account.

  • Open the Given link in your web browser ‘https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/’.
  • If you already have an account login directly.
  • If you do not have an account click on Know your UAN status.
  • A page will open and fill the page with necessary details.
  • And click on submit button.
  • Then you will receive a UAN 12 digit number.
  • Then activate it through online by visiting the same link.

Download EPF Passbook Through Online with UAN

Nowadays downloading and checking of EPF passbook and balance are became easy, to download EPF passbook through online you have to register on UAN, after registering in UAN activate the number through online if you are not activated it there is no use of it, then login in to your UAN account then you will see a balance checking and passbook options and click on e-passbook it will download in short span of time, the downloading process is given below

  • Open the EPF UAN Unified Portal (‘https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/’) in your web browser.
  • After opening the page you will see a login panel.
  • Log in to your account by UAN number and password.
  • Then once you are logged in you will see three boxes as ‘PASSBOOK’ and ‘MY UAN’ and ‘ACCOUNT SETTINGS’ .
  • Click on PASSBOOK then you will find a download option click on it.
  • It starts downloading automatically.
  • After downloading open it and check your details.

Benefits of UAN:

  • By providing UAN number Employees can download e-passbook from online.
  • You can check the EPF balance through a missed call and SMS.
  • Easy to withdraw EP Fund.

Download EPF Passbook via Mobile App

Now you can download your UAN E-Passbook through a mobile app named as ‘M-Seva’, logging in this app possible only when you have a UAN account which is already activated, after opening this app you will see you will see some options like ‘Member’, ‘pensioner’ and ‘Employer’, then click on member and then login into account with necessary details such as UAN number and password and then you will find a passbook option and download it from the app, the step wise downloading process is given below

  • Download the ‘m-seva’ app on your smartphone from play store or by searching m-seva app on the web browser.
  • Click on “Member” and then on “passbook”.
  • Now enter your UAN number and registered mobile number.
  • Then it will check number is activated or not.
  • After verification
  • It will show updated EPF Account Statement’s details.
  • Ten download it and verify your statement.

Download EPF Passbook by UMANG App

This app is just like as above ‘m-seva’ app and it is used to download e-passbook and check EPF balance, this UMANG app introduced by EPFO so you can download this app from EPFO official website.

You can download this app also from play store in any smartphone, after downloading this app from play store logging into the app and then download form the UMANG App, generally this app is directly connected to EPFO servers, the downloading process is given below

  • Download the UMANG app from play store or
  • Open https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/ URL in your web browser.
  • It will be present on right side of the slideshow.
  • Click on it then a page will open.
  • You will see get it for Android click on it
  • It will redirect to play store and then click on install.
  • After downloading open the app on your mobile
  • And fill the page with necessary details such as login and password.
  • After login, you will find e-passbook option and then click on it.
  • Download from on it.

If there is any problem in above processes try again later, if repeatedly facing same problem with above processes contact your respectable EPFO office in your circle neared by you.

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