Difference between Paid and free Antivirus

Antivirus are like protecting agents for your computers, Laptops and other devices. They protect our computers from different viruses. Antivirus is helping computers from being hijacked or hacked from different hackers online. Mostly, hackers and virus enters one’s computers through downloads and many others mediums. But an Antivirus forms a firewall against those ruptures and prevents our computers being hacked.

Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Avast, Avira antivirus are available in the market for paid version. But these entire antiviruses are also available for free. Here are some of the features of paid antivirus software to detect viruses, key loggers, browser hijackers, dialer programs, PUP and scanning technology to detect. Some other antivirus sweeps e-mail virus and credit card for safe shopping and protecting our privacy.

When we talk about free antivirus, they are the same cleaning virus from our computers and laptops. Even their job is to detect virus in any cause and remove it forever. But free one’s does not have that much features when compared to a paid version of the same product. Sometimes, a free antivirus is limited and can be used till a particular date. If your free antivirus date comes, then it will turn off and will not function again. You will have to switch for a paid version antivirus then. It becomes a big hectic problem.

Problems faced by free antivirus
Limited usage and limited features on protecting from virus. It will not last forever. So, it will become dead sometime and needs to be uninstalled and switched back again or you need to buy a paid one. So using a paid version is a good option in present day online system.

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