DDOreq DDO Request Cyber Treasury for Employees Salary Bill Preparation

DDO Req, DDO Request Salary Bills Preparation by using DDO Code for AP Treasury ddoreq and Telangana Treasury ddoreq Online….

Online pay service has become a major part of financial transactions in all entities from Government departments to private firms and shops. It eases services like bulk pay bills, monthly salary calculation, bill settlement, and many such payments.

The Director of Treasuries has recently introduced the preparation, calculation, and submission of the online bills for monthly salary to the treasury. It is called “DDO” Drawing and Disbursing Officers.

The Director of Treasuries invented DDO request. They have made a dedicated portal to distribute payment for government employees via bill pay options. An exclusive website has been developed for this purpose. DDO can submit the respective bills for payment.

What is DDO Request

DDO request is an online service developed to prepare and pay the monthly salary bills of the government employees. It was commenced by the Cyber Treasure Department. It is a mandatory requirement for all the employees to submit their salary details for processing the salary bills. The process is done online.

DDO request is accountable for handling the payment request, and pension requests in certain departments. On a whole, DDO request is developed towards the submission of monthly salary bills for online payment.

After preparation and computation of the salary details, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers take a print of the monthly bills. The details are submitted online to the treasury. Let us in detail about preparation and submissions of salary and other payment requests online.

DDO request has multiple options to prepare the salary bill for the employees. The leave account of the employees has special columns to mention the details of it. With DDO request, it is easy to fill the number of days the employee took off, leave already availed, type or nature of leave, etc.

Telengana and Andhra Pradesh Cyber Treasury Websites for DDO Request

DDO has been developed as an exclusive website for online submission to pay bills to treasures in Andra Pradesh and Telangana states. These states have introduced two separate portals for the same.

Both the Directorate of the Andhra Pradesh Treasuries and the Telangana Treasures has executed the DDO request to ease the financial transactions.

These two cyber treasury portals are developed seeking assistance from the Accounts and Treasuries departments of the Andhra Pradesh, AP technology and Services Limited, and the Institute of Electronics and Governance.

Telangana Cyber Treasury website for TS DDO Request

Telangana Treasuries DDO request is called TS DDO Req. The Government of Telangana operates the TS DDO Req website for doing the Government financial transactions online with respect to the salary of the government employees.

DDO request is performed through the login at the TS DDO Req website, through which all government employees receive their salary every month.

To enable the receipt of salary by the government employees without delay or fail, DDO should update the payment information in the portal. Every Government employee who works in Telangana Government is assigned with a treasury identity, by the Treasury. DDO updates and publishes the details of the personnel using the DDO Code and Treasury Identity of the worker.

The official Telangana Website that authenticates the financial transactions of the Telangana Government is https://treasury.telangana.gov.in.

Telangana government employees receive their monthly salary through DDO request hyperlink, developed by the Telangana Cyber Treasure Website. It is the complete responsibility of the DDOs to feed all pay details of the Government employees. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers are accountable for the pay of personnel who work in their jurisdiction.

AP Cyber Treasury website for AP DDO Request

Similar to the treasury website developed by Telangana Directorate, AP Directorate also developed the Cyber Treasure website. https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/ The goal, purpose and use of the treasure website remain the same.

It is beneficial to the employees working in the Andhra Pradesh Government in preparation and submission of the salary bills. The DDO request raised in AP Government is called AP DDO Req.

The project is developed and delivered to operate the accounts and financial transactions related operations online. DDOs in the AP treasury is responsible for the process of salary payment to the employees in the AP Government.

DDO Code for Salaried Employees for Payment of Monthly Salary in AP and Telangana

The employees must know the DDO Code to proceed. DDO Code is already distributed to all the government employees who receive a salary. It is an easy task to prepare the salary bills via DDO. Follow these steps to prepare the DDO request.

The AP treasure website not only helps in preparation of salary bills but also other bills like DA arrear, leave encashment, claims, supplementary bills and many more.

Since the portal handles the important financial transactions, the portal has been developed with utmost safety. Employees need not worry about the confidentiality and security of the information. Along with 100% accuracy, all transactions are maintained with utmost safety and confidentiality.

The employee must go through different norms, check, re-check, and authenticate the procedures until it is done fully.

DDO Code for AP Government Salaried Employees

The Andhra Pradesh Treasure has assigned a unique code for the salaried workers in the Government of AP. It is called DDO Code. DDO code is 11 digit code, used as an identification code.

DDO Code for Telangana Government Salaried Employees

The Telangana Government has assigned unique code for DDO request for each employee work with the state Government of Telangana. It is called DDO Code. It is 11 digit code, and assigned to all employees as their identification code number.

DDO Req – How to Prepare Salary Bills

DDO Request Login for AP Treasury – How to Prepare Salary Bills

DDO request is a mandatory element to withdraw salary from the AP Treasure website, https://treasury.ap.gov.in.

All the salaried employees work in the Andhra Pradesh State Government receive the salary through this treasury website. The government has made is easy to get the salary online. The monthly salary is transferred to the respective bank accounts of the employees.

Here is the step by step procedure on how to prepare salary bills for AP treasury in DDO.

  • Visit the site https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/ for AP DDO Req. The site helps you prepare bills on this portal.
  • Choose the Login Box “DDO Claims” displayed on the site.
  • As stated above, each employee has an 11 digit DDO code as an identification number. Enter the code and password in the login box in the respective fields and click the button “Submit.”
  • After you log in, a new page opens. You can see the “PayBills” option located on the left. Select the menu “Pay Bill Preparation
  • Enter the month and year for the bill preparation and click on the Next button.
  • A drop-down list menu appears. Select the bill ID from the menu. Enter the year and month of the bill for the claim and click on the process.
  • A list appears that shows the names of the employees eligible for the bill. If you want to exclude any employee from bill payment, select the checkbox of the specific employee.
  • For employees who are not listed in the portal for bill payment, you can enter manually by choosing the option “Include.”
  • The final list of employees along with their designation will be displayed on the screen.

Check the manual salary bills and tally the bill payment along with the manual statements. Choose Paybills module and select the option “DDO BILL SUBMISSION” from the drop-down menu.  Then, click on “submit” button. The final page of bill submission will be displayed on screen.

On the final page, in the drop-down menu list choose “Head of Account.” The screen shows the list of employees along with the total earnings, net income, deductions, leave and all salary-related information. Finally, click on the “submit” button.

The next screen displays the TBR – To Be Real beneficiary with a unique number. The TBR is linked to the bank account of the employees. Choose the TBR Beneficiary to link the TBR number. The screen displays the net salary amount of the employees and click on “submit” button.

To get the list of TBR beneficiary reports, you can choose the TBR Beneficiary report and enter the number. If you want to print it, click on print button displayed on screen.

DDO Request Login for Telangana Treasury – How to Prepare Salary Bills

The salaried employees work with the Telangana Government receives the monthly salary online through this treasury website, https://treasury.telangana.gov.in.

The Cyber treasury along with the development of DDO request made receipt of monthly easy for the employees. The salary is credited to the respective bank account of the employees. TS DDO req is available for salary bill preparation and it is briefed below.

  • For preparation of the salary bills, visit the website, https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/.
  • Ender the DDO code and password and login to the site.
  • After you login, a new page opens. You can see the “PayBills” option located on the left. Select the menu “Pay Bill Preparation
  • Enter the month and year for the bill preparation and click on next button.
  • A drop down list menu appears. Select the bill ID from the menu. Enter the year and month of the bill for the claim and click on process.
  • A list appears that shows the names of the employees eligible for the bill. If you want to exclude any employee from bill payment, select the check box of the specific employee.
  • Once you logged in, choose the “Pay Bills” link displayed on the page.
  • Choose the option “desired candidates” for initiating the payment.
  • Click on “Next” option to complete the bill payment preparation.
  • Choose the relevant account head as mentioned above click on submission process.

(The procedure is same as given in the DDO Claim Request for Andhra Pradesh bill payment claims)

How to Prepare DDO Request (ddoreq) website for Employees Salaries for AP and Telangana

Preparation of DDO request for the employees working in the respective Government of AP and Telangana for salary payment.

You can login into the dedicated DDO website with the DDO code and Password, for the respective state.

  • For AP employees, login to the site, https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  • For Telangana employees, login to the site https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/.

Treasuries of each state Government have issued the 11 digit code as DDO Code for DDO request.

The code is issued on the following parameters.

  1. First four digit of the DDO Code indicates the MANDAL
  2. The second four digits of the DDO Code indicate the Departmental Code, the department where the employee works.
  3. The last three digits of the DDO Code indicate the DDO office, in the respective Mandal.

How to generate DDO Request Salary Bills using DDO Claims Code

For all DDO payment requests, you have to login using the DDO websites of the respective state government. Salary claims are made by using DDO Claims code. After submission of the bills for the salary payment, TBR number generates as given above. You have to link the TBR number for the salary claims.

To join the TBR number, click on the TBR owner and enter the current year i.e 2018, which is given in the “Pay Bill” Module. Then, select TBR number listed in the screen.

The screen will display the list of employees whose salaries are billed with the Net Salary (after deductions). Click on the “Submit” button. The employees can check the beneficiary list or report by entering the respective TBR number, where the screen shows the list of beneficiaries. The payment is automatically received by the respective bank accounts linked with each employee.

For details on the salary bill, user can click on the Pay Bill detail Module. Employees can get the salary claims by generation of form 47 in the generating module.

DDOREQ Treasury Employee Salary Slip Preparation

It is easy to get the salary slip of the DDO treasure employees in the state government of AP and Telangana. You have to login with the DDO code and password. To get the print module, you can either generate the form 47 from the generating module, click on “Report bills schedule”To get the salary slip, choose the “Pay Bill detail Module” and select Print option.

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