Credit card Loan and Personal loan which is better?

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Every person have different financial requirements in his life time with out involvement of his financial status, the person can adjust the amount by taking money from family members, friends, neighbors and others, even though he may not get the total amount, so he can choose to take a  Credit card Loan and Personal loan which can be from credit card or it may be personal loan, in this article i want to discuss the differences in these two loans as many will get confused as they don’t know which loan is to be taken.

1.Loan on limit

If a credit card holder does not use his full extent then he get discount as the bank pays some part of the loan or need to pay as the credit card has not crossed it’s limit from the time of issuing.
2.Penality on Pre payment
If the loan has been taken by the customer and paid few EMI’s and now want to clear the loan then the person need to pay penality, the penality is of 3 percent and it is not there for personal loan.


The loan taken in both the ways is same but there are some differences, for example the loan customer need not be bank account holder but credit card loan holder should have a credit card in bank.

4.Subjected to income level

Credit card debt is good for taking a small loan but for high amount loan you are requested to take a personal loan and if your income is high then you can get high amount as loan.

5.Documents to be pinned

There is no need of submitting of any document by the credit card holder and the customer can get loan through online through helpline within few hours which is converse for personal loan.

6.Time Taking

Personal loan has a time consuming process and it also can be applied online but bank statements, address proof and salary slip is to be submitted.


All the people borrowing money from friends and others may not get adequate amount, those who want to take Credit card Loan and Personal loan can go through the above article and take a right decision to take a loan, Any queries relating to taking a loan are requested to be commented.

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