Common Human Diseases and how to Cure them

Human beings are commonly prone to many kinds of disease’s this modern world, with grown industrialization and Pollution, Human diseases have become very server and chronic. These diseases were limited to an extent but now the number of diseases has also increased as a result of over population. The rate of increases of diseases is not only the problem of one country or two but every country has got epidemic diseases and is tackling them at very moments.

In India, some of the chronic diseases like typhoid, Malaria were numerically deleted and eradicated but few years back a very harmful disease called Swine flu took birth and it spread throughout the country in just few weeks. The government took pleading actions against the diseases and cures everyone who suffered from it.

We will now be discussing about few of the common diseases which are observed in every country.

Cardiac Disease

Cardiac disease which can be called as heart attack more precisely. Heart attacks are common in human beings. All the disease that are related to heart or the word cardiac are called as cardiovascular diseases.

A heart attack is caused when the blood stops pumping to heart and other parts. It is caused due to over fat in human body and human organs. If fat increases, the blood vessels and veins which supplies the blood stops the process of pumping of blood. This in result causes Heart attack.


There are many forms and kinds of cancer. If the cancer occurs in lung it is called lung cancers and if cancer occurs in Breast, Mouth, Skin it is called Breast cancer, Mouth cancer, and Skin cancer respectively. Cancer is also called as tumor which means a group muted or dead cells or tissue which attacks over a region in a human body and causing cancer.

High Blood Pressure

We previously discussed about Blood pressure. We can recollect most from that article. Blood pressure is called as hypertension which is caused due to over tension of a human body. If someone goes continuous stress, strain and hard work with no rest at all, He might surely face High Blood pressure or hypertension.

How to cure above diseases:
1. Heart problems can be solved by reducing intake of oily food and street food which contain more fat and cholesterol.
2. Cancer can b prevented by being hygienic and clean you. One must always be in good hygienic condition and place.
3. Hypertension is caused due to tension so, taking nap or rest between works would surely solve this problem.

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