China Unicom Speed Test, China Unicom Internet Speed Test

China Unicom Speed Test for China Unicom Mobile Communications Broadband Speed Test for Mobile & Fixed Internet Connection Online for Download & Upload with Ping Test of your Connection…

Here, we have provided the service with simple information of China Unicom Networks Provided Mobile, 5G Broadband connection internet Speed Statistics provided by Ookla, and various leading experts of ISP industry.

List of Internet Service with Details

Offered Internet Solutions

  • IP Transits
  • Cloud & Data Center
  • Security Services and etc,.

? Mobile Services

? Mobile Broadband2G / 3G / 4G (VOLTE)
China Unicom Network Mobile Phone Services

?Fixed Connections

BroadbandADSL, FTTH, Public Wi-Fi, Leased Internet, VPN & International Private Leased Circuits
VoicePrepaid Fixed Line, Postpaid Fixed Line & VoIP and SIP Lines
SatelliteNo Info
China Unicom Fixed Connections Services

Average Internet Bandwidth of China Unicom – Speed Test?

Connection TypeDownload ⏬Upload ⏫Latency / Ping
? Mobile12.47 Mbps14.22 Mbps54 ms
?Fixed Connection14.36 Mb/s11.24 Mb/s32 ms
China Unicom Broadband Connection Speed

Supported / Suggested Handset’s or Devises of the Network

Service TypeDevices & Handsets
? MobileAny Supported
? Fixed ConnectionAny Supported
Suggested Devices of China Unicom Network

?Internet Users Statistics for China Unicom Networks

About China Unicom Speed TestDetails
Name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP)China Unicom Company Limited
Default IP192.168.1.1/24
Offered ServicesMobile & Fixed Broadband
Official Website
Contact DetailsVisit Official Website
China Unicom Network Broadband Speed Test

Coverage Countries of the China Unicom

  1. Beijing
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Macao

China Unicom Speed Test 2020 by Country

China Unicom Beijing Speed test 2020

Download⏬Upload⏫Ping?Average Rating?
13.04 Mbps9.14 Mbps538 ms2/169
China Unicom Beijing Speed test 2020

China Unicom Hong Kong Speed test 2020

Download⏬Upload⏫Ping?Average Rating?
10.3 Mbps5.4 Mbps117 ms
Hong Kong China Unicom Speed test 2020

China Unicom Macao Speed test 2020

Download⏬Upload⏫Ping?Average Rating?
41.01 Mbps18.81 Mbps17 ms7/11
Macao China Unicom Speed test 2020

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List of Internet Speed Test or Check Websites ?

*Note: There is no own Speedtest page available at China Unicom Network website, follow the listed leading websites to test your connection.


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