CEO Tamil Nadu New Voter Online Application Registration

Tamil Nadu State Online Voter Registration Application at…
The chief election of Tamil Nadu gives an opportunity to every of its citizens to register as voter from online also. Yes, if you belong to the state of Thailand and haven’t made or registered as a voter yet then this is a right chance to make use of. Yes, you can easily fill your voter application form from their chief electoral website online and accordingly submit online. Then you can register as a voter for the state of Tamil Nadu successfully. Their CEO website is free to user and you can register within minutes.

The website is setup for priding quality service to every citizen of Tamil Nadu and make their work much easier though online systems. You have to follow my given instructions carefully with the help of on screen images for better understanding. SO, before you start the process, you should have most of your personal details to fill in the online form. Now we begin our voter registration process by going to the chief electoral officer of Tamil Nadu.

The CEO Tamil Nadu website address is You have to click on the given link then you will e taken to their website homepage directly. Or else you can also copy and past the link in your browser address bar to get automatically redirected. So, now you’re on their website homepage. You can see their website homepage in the below given image.

SO, as we are now on their website we have to check for voter registration kink. We have to click on the “Online Registration Facility” on the homepage slider. After clicking on the link you will be taken to a new webpage where you have to check for which type of form to fill and other things. SO, follow next step.

Then you have to click on the FORM-6 which is present on top. Fill your name and fathers name name and you will betaken to online form filling page. So, fill all the details as required and attach your photo.

After Successfully Submitted your Voter ID Application you can getting a reference number save it for your Status Check and etc.

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