CEO Rajasthan New Voter List (PDF) Download

Rajasthan State New Voter Lists Download in District and Poling Station wise..
if you have registered as voter and want to download the complete voter list for state of Rajasthan then you can download it form their CEO website directly. Yes, it you just have to make use of their friendly CEO website which is a chance given by the government for good of citizens.

Now you can download the voter for the year 2015 also which will be available in PDF format which is selected by many. The voter list is available to be downloaded for every polling station also, you just have to follow the below process to ensure to download voter list. The CEO Rajasthan website is providing to ensure quality service to the citizens of Rajasthan in term of online wok. SO, you can make use of it fully and make sure to follow my instructions so you can download voter list easily. See image for better understanding.

Our first step will be visiting the chief election commission of Rajasthan website .SO, the link to their website is SO to visit their website you have to click on the link give or else copy and paste it in your browser address bar. Then you will be taken to their homepage. Where we will precede to next step. You can see their website homepage image below.

Then we now have to click on the “Electoral Roll in Alphabetic Order’” link which is present on the right sidebar of the website. Click on it and you will be taken to their webpage where we can download the voter directly. See the link in the below given image for better understanding.

The webpage link to download your voter in DF format is So, the webpage after selecting all details will look like in the image given below. Then you have to click on the big button and you will be taken to the PDF file online. Save to download the Voter list in PDF format.

The Rajasthan Online New Voter lists also accepted as a Original Voter lists issued by Chief Election of Rajasthan.

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