CEO Nagaland New Voter ID Status Check Online

Nagaland State New Voter Registration Online Status Check at…
The government of Nagand has given access to its registered vote to check their voter status online also. SO, if any citizen of Nagaland who have registered recently or anyone who wants to check their voter status can make use of Nagaland Government online website for free. This is a good option for newly registered voter to check their voter application status and know its results.

Using Government Nagaland website is free and the whole process of voter status checking can be done quickly in less than five minutes.The Nagaland government official website address link is Government of Nagaland has initiated the chief election commission of Nagaland for the welfare of India and Nagaland especially. So, follow the whole process with help of given on screen pictures to make you understand better. SO, for tracking your voter status you have to make use of Nagaland government website.
Step 1:
Our former step would be to visit the Nagaland Government websites directly. So, to visit the site you can either click on the above given link or copy it in your browser address bar. Then you will be taken to Nagaland Government website homepage directly. See Nagaland Government website homepage in the below given image.

Step 2:
So, we have to check our voter status from online now. Note that track voter application is only voter status check online. After visiting the Nagaland government websites we have to track our voter application status now. For that we have to click Application status link which is present under citizen’s space corner which is present at right sidebar of the website. After clicking on it you will be taken to voter status checking page after logging in with your account details.

Step 3:
Now Login in with your account details on the site, then Voter status checking page will paper.
You can see login page in below image.

Step 4:
After you login in, the voter status tracking page will appear .Fill your details and click on search to get your voter status results.
Note : Select only form-6.

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