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Mizoram State New Voter ID Online Registration at…
Mizoram state has allowed its citizens to register as voter from online. Any citizen of Mizoram who have not applied for voter registration application manually can apply for voter registration online now. The bets news is that it only takes few minutes to register as a voter which can be done in quick and simple steps. So, if any one wants to apply for voter registration they have to apply online form the chief election commission of Mizoram website. SO, follow below process to register as voter successfully if you have not applied for voter application yet.

Before applying for voter registration online you have to make sure you have these details correctly with you to apply. First is house number, your father’s /mother/ guardian name, EPIC number (In case you have it).
Now follow steps.
Step 1:
Our first step is to visit CEO Mizoram online website. The chief election commission of Mizoram website link is on this link or else you can copy/paste it in your browser address bar.
After clicking enters you will be taken to CEO Mizoram website homepage.
CEO Mizoram website homepage can be seen in below image.

Step 2:
You can see the online registration link which is present below citizen’s service links and I positioned at number five from top. SO, now you have to click on that link and you will be taken to CEO Mizoram online voter registration page. Proceed to our next step. See below image for better understanding.

Step 3:
The link to register online for state of Mizoram is You can either copy/past the link in your browse address bar or else click on it and you will be directly taken to the webpage to register as voter online. Register at ECI with a new account and you will proceed to vote registration page.

After creating and logging in with your new ECI account. You can see the voter registration page in below image. Fill correct details and finally click on submit button.

After Successfully Submitted the Mizoram State New Voter Application you have Getting a Reference ID Number to Check Status.

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