CEO Mizoram New Voter List PDF Download

Mizoram State New Voter list PDF Download at…
All the citizens of Mizoram can download the voter list for the state of Mizoram online. Anyone can download voter list for the particular year 2022 from CEO Mizoram official website. The voter list of Mizoram state will be available to be downloadable in only PDF version as selected by government. SO for download the voter list citizens of Mizoram should make use of chief election commission of Mizoram website online. Follow below process to download voter list successfully.

The CEO Mizoram website is launched for the welfare and good facilities of Mizoram which is an initiative of CEO India and Mizoram especially. The CEO Mizoram official website address is Follow my instruction carefully with help of given on screen images.

Step 1: Our form sot step is to visit the chief election commission of Mizoram website. SO the CEO Mizoram website link/address is You can either click on the given link or copy/paste it in your browser address bar. After clicking on it you will be taken to CEO Mizoram website homepage directly with no issues. You can see their website homepage in the below given image.

Step 2:
Now our second step is to click on “Final Electoral Roll 2022 – Summary Revision (1.29.2022)” link.(You can see the link in the below given image).So, after clicking on it you will be taken to the electoral roll download page(Newly revised electoral roll for 2022 with date submission – 1.29.2022). After clicking on it, you will be taken to their voter, list download page. So proceed to our next step.
Note: Electoral roll also mean New Voter list.

Step 3:
So, after clicking on it, we will be taken to “FINAL Electoral Roll 2022 (Summary Revision – 1-29-2022)” download page. In this page you have to select the district which you belong to. Make sure to select the correct district where you come from.

Click any part under any of constituency. So, download page for fist district would look like this. Now download the PDF easily. See below image for better understanding.

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