CEO Karnataka New Voter ID Online application Registration

Karnataka State New Voter ID Online Application at
The chief election commission of Karnataka has provided a good opportunity for unregistered citizens to register as voter now. Yes, if any citizens of Karnataka who have not applied for his/her voter application can apply now from CEO Karnataka online website in few minutes. SO registering successfully as voter has become very easy through this process and can be done easily.

If you want to apply for your voter registration online, then follow my post. The whole registration process can be done in quick time from online web portal.The chef election commission of Indian and chief election commission of Karnataka have initiated the CEO Karnataka website for the welfare of citizens of India and Karnataka especially. Follow my given instruction carefully with the help of on screen images for better understanding.
Step 1:
Our first step is visit the chef election commission of Karnataka website. The chief election commission of Karnataka website link is Click on the given link and you will be taken to CEO Karnataka website homepage directly. Now we have to proceed to our next step. The homepage of CEO Karnataka website can be seen in the given image.

Step 2:
Our second step is to find the online voter registration link. Now click on “ENROLL ONLINE AS A VOTER- FROM 6” Button and you will be taken to anew webpage. The next webpage will the page where we have to register as voter from online.From-6 is the form to be filled online for voter application registration. See below image for better understanding

Step 3:
The webpage to register as voter link is on it and you have to proceed towards voter registration and account making now. First you have to register our account using your Email id and with anew password. Then click on create a new account.

To create an account fills all details.

After creating an account login with your details on CEO Karnataka portal you have seen New Voter ID Registration form full fill it with your Details and Save it. Then you have getting a Reference ID to further Assistance of Status Check and etc.

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