CEO Gujarat New Voter ID Application form 2022 Download

Gujarat New Voter Registration Application (form-6) Download Available at…

Chief election commission of Gujarat has provided the opportunity for those unregistered voters to register themselves successfully as voters for the state of Gujarat. So, if any citizen who has not applied for voter registration from the state of Gujarat. It can apply online in minutes.

This online CEO Gujarat website is an initiative of the Chief election commission f Gujarat and Chief election commission of India. It is developed for the welfare of the citizens of Gujarat and better communication between the state government and citizens of the state through their online web portal.

Anyone can make use of the CEO Gujarat website for free. Follow my below instructions carefully with the help for a better understanding of the process.

First, you have to visit the chief election commission of the Gujarat official website. Their official CEO Gujarat website link is on the link and you will be taken to their homepage directly with no disturbance.

After visiting Chief election commission of Gujarat online website. We have to proceed towards voter registration. Click on the forms download button which will lead them to their webpage to download voter registration forms.

The links to download the form which is subdivided into many forms. The first form is the voter application registration form.

Then click on the first link from forms download button to download the voter application registration form.

Then you will be taken to forms download webpage. The first link is to download from-6 for voter registration. Click on that link and you can download form-6. Now download it and take a print out copy for it. After filling the details submit it to your local registration office.

Download form-6 for New Voter Registrations fill it with all Details of the Applicant then Submit, After Verification you have a New Voter ID with EPIC Number as a Gujarat Voter.

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