CEO Arunachal Pradesh New Voter Online Registration

Arunachal Pradesh State New Voter Online Registration Available at…
Election Commission of India has given the opportunity for new voters to register themselves as voter in the state of Arunachal pradesh.So, Due to this any new voter can register in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Everyone who is eligible to apply for voter registration can apply online through CEO Arunachal pradesh for new voter registration.

Here is the official website of CEO Arunachal Pradesh India.It is their official website,so you can reinsert it from here.

SO, the second step is to click on the Online Voter Registration link
The voter registration link is available in the left sidebar of the website, on the seventh link.So, you can click on it for registering .You can see in the below Image the link to freighter online is marked yellow.

After click on the link, you will be redirected to Online registration portal with two links and you need to click on first link.First link is the official CEO of Indian link to register for Arunachal pradesh.

Now, you have taken to the election commission of India registration form.In the below image you can check the that you have register your mobile number and id for making a online voter registration.Click on New users registration link in red color and after logging in you will be taken to register your voter application.

Filling your information
This is the last to register your voter application online.Fill all the required information and submit on submit to register your voter application.

After doing this, you will have a registered voter application. Now you have getting a Reference ID to Check your Status at CEO Arunachal Pradesh.

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