Care for your Eyes

Every human is blessed with pair of eyes. Eyes are the visionary path to human life. Without eyes , no human can perform his life well. So, taking your health of eyes for granted isn’t a good thing. Even human eyes need care and love like all other parts of the body. If, required care for eyes is not taking, then your eyes can be damaged.
Do you think, eyes need no care? Then you’re wrong. Eyes need lot more special care than any other organ. As, they help us to see our beautiful world, Then it’s our duty to save our naked eyes.

So, here are some of the best tips which may help you eyes to be healthy. We will be reading what damage can be occurred to our eyes.

1. Eat Good Food
If you want to protect your naked eyes, then the starting point is on your plate. So, eating food with have Omeag-3-Fats, Nutrients, Vitamin C and E are best for healthy eyes. They help human eyes grown good and vision becomes impeccable.
Vegetables, more precisely green vegetables like collard, Spinach will be enough for daily nutrition. Fruits like orange; apple and banana are considered as good vitamin continent fruits.

Eating of non vegetable food like tune fish, meat drive other required nutrition’s to our body.

2. No To alcohol
Beverages contain dreadful and harsh chemicals which can reduce your eye sight. Alcohol is the worse in beverages and its consumption is also more when compared to others. So, reduce in intake or leaving drinking alcoholic is advised.

3. Say not to smoking for better vision
Smoking of cigarettes is very dreadful to our eyes and can also take our sight away. So, cigarette smoking must be reduced. We should not encourage smoking among our related ones or friends as cigarette smoke may pass in our body as well.

4. Use Sun Glasses
Sun Glasses can be used for better vision and increase of eye sight. In hot sunny days, hitting of sun rays directly to our eyes may cause eye cataracts. This may also lead to dead eye sight. So, using sun glasses with dark colored glasses will reduce sun effect.

5. Don not watches Television/Computer for a long time
Children’s now days, watch a lot of television and use computers all over the day. So, watching TV set is not a big problem but watching it way more than required will reduce your sight. So, taking short naps and watching TV for a shorter time will be good for eye heath.

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