Care for Hair Loss / Fall

Hair plays a major role in a human life. Hair loss becomes a serious problem in humans. When a woman or man knows they are getting hair loss. They become tenser and start thinking about it frequently. As, I said early hair is major because it betters the appearance of a human.
The well grown and dark hair one has, He/she feels that good. Hair loss starts from the age of eighteen (18) which is near to the end period of teen age. It is found that hair loss is more in age of 25 -40.But teenagers does not suffer much hair loss / fall.

So, having a hair loss is really filthy and makes us worry lot about us, so I would recommend some tips for care of our precious hair. I would say prevention is better than cure, If your follow my hair loss prevention tips now. You can feel good some years later.

Being relaxed is the ultimate weapon. Human studies say that hair loss occurs due to tension. Tension leads to hyper tension and solely results in hair loss / fall.
Tip: Sleep 6-7 Hours day.

Free cure for hair loss / fall is meditation also. It cures not just hair loss but many major diseases in humans. Try to meditate for few hours in morning hours and you would fell really great.
Tips: Never join mediation course, if you don’t have much money. Try Googling some Meditation stuff.

No to chemicals Shampoos
Now a day’s shampoos are released in which chemical percentage is more and which would affect your hair. Sometimes they may work but using chemicals is always a danger.
Tips: Use Meera , Head & Shoulders Shampoos .

Dust is nasty
Dust crepes your hair out. So, never go out in dust. Dust will have many chemicals and harmful things. So, be precise while raveling.

Pollution is harmful
Pollution contains many major pollutants including dangerous gases which can interact with our hair and would increase hair fall.

Don’t use creams or jells
Teenagers use jells or creams like set wet. These jellies would make our hair tough and nasty. So, after Harding. Their chances of breaking.

Apply Oil thrice a week
Applying oil is really good for hair growth and choosing good brand hair oil is more important. I would recommend Parachute Hair oil in India.

For woman
Woman hair is pretty long and need extra bit of care, so I recommend applying Liven hair oil after a fresh head bath.

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