BSNL Speed Test (BSNL Internet Speed Test)

BSNL Speed Test: BSNL is quite well known for being the infamous state owned Telecom company across India and with more than millions of subscribers they handle everyday, their plan ranges across a wide range that you could select from all day through.

Assuming that you have got your BSNL Internet package on your mobile number, then as a wholesome young mind of the modern marvels you might want to understand if the money paid is worth the speed you are getting. This quotation might fumble across your mind that after paying for a pack will you get the said Internet speed and that might not be a bad question at all.

Today in this article we will walk you through the simple way you can check your BSNL Internet Speed Test for any plan. Yes, you’ve heard me right we are going to do the BSNL Speed Test and this might be as quick as it sounds to you. Well at the same time the method which is discussing prevails for both mobile and desktop broadband connections as well, since we will be using a generic platform to test the connection.

How to check BSNL Speed Test Online – Test your BSNL Connection Speed Test

So, we will be using Speed Test by Ookla which is one of the largest telecom partners across the world and an expert in Global broadband speed tests.

  • Open your browser from either your mobile or desktop and then go to the site
  • Then on the homepage of the website, click on the Go button
  • And give it 2 – 3 minutes to load your upload and download speed
  • Once both the stats are loaded on your screen you will be able to see your BSNL Speed Test download and upload speed as well

In this way, you will be able to BSNL Internet Speed Test in quick time through an official speed test expert platform rather than relying on the said metrics from the BSNL directly.

Frequently Asked Questions for BSNL Internet Speed Test

  1. Does the area you live in affect the BSNL Speed for Internet?

    Yes, it does because not all areas or states across India are widened with all the 4G spectrum which might be the reason you might be getting the promised speed that you intended for. It totally depends on the location you are in as well, because if you are in a deep down location then the chances of your connection speed decreasing is very high.

  2. Is BSNL Speed Test varies from the said pack speed?

    Well, when it comes to the telecom providers their accuracy is not up to the mark and that stands still for BSNL as well. As their mobile towers are not enhanced widely for the 4G spectrum of frequency, you will see a variable difference of speed compared to different locations and places which will be a lot different or sometimes occasionally similar to the package that you have taken.

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