Blood Cancer Treatment and Symptoms

Blood cancer has become one of the fatal diseases in India. It is also called as Leukemia. More precisely, you can call it as the over production of blood cells that are abnormal or struck in the stage of maturation process of human beings. These leukemia blood cells are laze cells which become non functional and cannot take up the job of normal blood cells.

Generally leukemia can be occur in two types those two types are acute leukemia and chronic leukemia

What are the symptoms of Blood cancer
The common symptoms that can be seen in leukemia patients are shortness of breath, nose bleeding, and pain in abdomen, teeth bleeding, fatigue, and joint pain, loss of appetite, purplish patches or spots

What is the test used in for diagnosis of blood cancer?
These are the few tests that are used to diagnosed blood cancer (leukemia): physical eximination, blood test, urine test, biopsy, spinal tap, chest x ray

What are the treatments of Blood Cancer?
These are few treatments for blood cancer::they is chemo therapy; bone marrow transplant bone marrow transplant can be done by two methods they are by hip bone and by thigh bone and stem cell transplantation

What are the preventive measures to be taken to avoid Blood cancer?
Blood cancer can be prevented by doing regular excerise, desiplined and healthy life style, avoids exposer to radiation, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water

Can blood cancer be transmitted?
It can be transmitted to person to person when an infected person can come in contact with a normal person by blood contact, for example blood donation, used needles and it can also be transmitted from the mother to an unborn child in the womb

So the main point is what it costs to cure a blood cancer disease. You have to pay for many drugs and treatments courses for this disease. It may cost up to few lakhs and normally it costs up for a range of rupees 5 to 7 lakhs in India.

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