Block All Ads On Firefox Using Ad Block Plus

Today we are going to discuss about blocker which is used in Mozilla Firefox by 10 millions of users worldwide. While browsing internet, one suffers mainly due to advertisements on the web pages. Mainly on facebook, users are really annoyed by their new design and new way of sponsored post advertisement which are shown in between our news feeds.

Some of the websites, to earn money through click installs many advertisements like Adsense, Info links and Chitkia. While we browses through those sites, we can’t actually find what we need but those ads make our day irritating. So, if you’re using Mozilla Firefox. Then you can install a ad blocker which is very efficient and used by many people around the world.

So firstly we will discuss about Ad blocker. I was talking about Ad Block plus which is available for Firefox browser. What does Adblock does. It blocks all kind of ads on Facebook, YouTube, and all other websites. No matter it is a YouTube video advertisement, Website Banner ads…It can easily handle the ad and block it. It allows you from clicking obstructive ads on website. After installing it, you have the power to do as you want and there would be nod ads blocking your way.

It comes with filers and customizable features which allow you to filter what ads to be blocked from wide range of ads like image, pop up etc. You can also block java and remove style sheets etc. It is very interesting to know that. This Ad Blocker is viewed a more than 10 Million of users and is still increasing. It started with version 1 and consequently now we are having version 5.1 Ad block plus which is free to download and install on any browser. Just Google it and install on any browser. Here in the below image there is comparison between two web pages. One in which Adblck plus is not installed and is shown with many ads on header and sidebar. But the second image features after installing of Ad block plus, which removed all ads from that web page.

Here is another Image example of that

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