Best SBI Mutual Fund SIP Schemes

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From last year SBI Mutual funds are giving 35% returns, many funds are giving better performance when compared to other investments, mainly when compared to bank deposits these are better, since there are good returns from mutual funds we are giving the article, here a minimum of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 can be invested every month, there are both det funds and equity funds in this, so now we are going to tell you about the best schemes of SBI Mutual Fund SIP Schemes which are giving good returns.

SBI Blue Chip Fund

This is the big Blue Chip Fund Scheme from SBI which has Rs. 16,480 crores of valuable properties under, Chrisil has given 1 rating for the scheme, for last year it has given 23.53% returns and for the last three years it has given 12.40% returns, HDFC BANK, L & T, HPCL and companies are there in the portfolio, minimum sip amount is Rs 500, at present the NIV growth in growth plan is Rs.37.75 and in dividend plan is Rs.21.48.

SBI Magnum Equity

This is a lord CAP fund under which 2171 crores of properties are there, as compared to all other schemes this scheme gives no high returns but gives good returns in the long term, in past 3 years 8.48% and for past 5 years it is of 14.24%, since the interest rates have came down at present it is preferable to take these than FD’s,will be invested in HDFC BANK, ICICI bank, ITC, Reliance industries and others, can start investing by a minimum of Rs. 1000, the set asset value of the plan in growth plan is  Rs. 81.51 and in dividend options it is Rs. 31.26.

SBI contra Fund

SBI contra Fund invests in different ways, it will in the stocks of companies which are not shown any intrest in investors, and these companies should be fundamentally strong, in the last annual year this fund has given 29% returns, this ia a diversified equity multi cap fund, this fund invests in SBI, HDFC bank, devees lab, LG Equipment, Reliance Industries, HCL Technologies. SIP investments can be started from Rs. 500, but at first time investors should invest Rs. 5000, at present NAV in growth plan is Rs. 118.37.

SBI Magnum Mid-cap Fund

This is one of the best funds that came with an ideology of long term returns, this fund gave 26.21% returns in 5 years span which is a good performance, in last year it has given 9.57% returns, even in mid-cap funds if the investor has risk taking capacity then this is a best fund, fund NAV in growth plan is Rs 83.45, dividend plan is Rs 35.9, this fund invests more in Carborundum, Strides sassoon, ManPasand Beverages, RAMCO Cements, these mid-cap funds are a little risky so before investing just take some comparisons and income levels and invest.

SBI short term DET Fund

The SBI Short term DEBT Fund is good for those investors who like DET funds, this fund different from those funds given above and only invests in DET way that is this fund invests more in government companies, thsi fund gave 8.65% returns in last year, this fund starts at a minimum investment of Rs 1000, first an amount of Rs 5000 is to be invested after in SIP way monthly Rs. 1000 is to be invested.

Things to be noticed while investing

In Mutual Fund there will be market risk, at present markets are trading at great condition but it is better to invest in SIP way, many will give a tip to invest in SIP for middle class people, but we can’t expect huge returns at a time, if there is need for money then can invest in dividend plan because Equity Mutual Fund dividends are tax exempted.


By the above article don’t try to invest, after reading this and investing in different ways is not appreciable, the writer, the site related people and others related are not responsible for the profits and losses of investors, approaching a good financial analyzers or market experts for investing will be good.

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