Best Niches to Make Niche Website

Niche website is a source of earnings other than making a soul website and earning from it. Niche website earning is way better than that of normal ones or your soul websites. Some particular niches websites pay $1000-$5000 a day depending upon the kind of work done and kind of niche you choose.

So, in the previous topic we learn how to develop a niche based website. Now we will be learning, which kind of niches is good and which aren’t. In this topic I will discuss few Niches that are used by many bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

1. Educational Niche Websites
None comes first other than Educational websites niche. Educational niches pays good and 10 times better than other niche websites. Some educational niche websites made income of $20000 a day. Yes I is true, the comparison between educational websites and other is beyond comparison.
So, the first niche I recommend is to use a niche based websites.
EX. Intermediate Results 2014, High School Results, High School Exams Time Table etc.

2. Wallpaper Niche websites
Wallpapers Niche websites are also good payers of adsense income. hey pay something around $1000-$5000 a day. Only if the website is a niche based website like Christmas wallpapers, Hitler Wallpapers etc.
Ex. American Wallpapers, JF Kennedy Wallpapers, Emma Watson Wallpapers etc.

3. Event Niche Website
Events niche website also pays good but there you need to put a lot of content and do SEO work for better results. Same thing applies here, i.e., and using adsense here.
A example of event based Niche website was discussed In the previous topic.
EX. Christmas, Ramadan, Olympics and many others.

Tips for Niches earnings
1. For educational niche, using a particular year in domain and keywords is necessary.
2. For Wallpapers Niche websites, Content below every picture or wallpapers written would be good.
3. For Event based niche websites, using year is necessary and using the name of the event is far most important.

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