Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India

The best Kidney transplant hospitals in India and their charges will be discussed in below. We will be having a brief look over the names and location of each hospital .In India there are many kidney transplant hospitals but we will be discussing about top 5 Hospitals which are specialized in kidney transferring. In India we find lots of credit and trust worthy hospitals which are chosen by many people.

We will be discussing top 5 hospitals for kidney transplantation and each of their website links are also given. You may use those links to get more informational and details about the cost etc.
1. Manipal hospital
Manipal hospital is one of the best and top renal and kidney transplant surgery hospital located in India. This hospital is chosen by a wide range of people. Here is the link to their website through which you can contact them and get other desired information about the treatment.
2. Apollo Hospital
Apollo hospital of Delhi is one of the well know Indian kidney transplant hospital. They have successfully transplanted 1000 kidneys. SO, we give it rank two.
Their website link for more details.
3. Fortis Hospital
Fortis health care is located in many cities around India. You may check their health care centers at Hyderabad and Kolkata which are very famous. Check their website for more details.
4. MIOT Hospital
MIOT is a multi health care specialty hospital. It is a renowned hospital. It is located nationally and internationally also. Get more information’s from their website.
5. Medanat Medicial Hospital
Medanat Medical hospital is one of the India leading urological and kidney transplanting hospital.
You may get more details through their medanat hospital.
What are their charges for Kidney transplantation?
See, the rates for kidney transplantation in India changes from hospital to hospital but not too much difference e in their rates. Kidney Transplant may differ on many factors.
Here are the essential basics costs for kidney transplantation.

The cost of a kidney transplantation costs $40,000 to $50,000 ($ may vary).But for total surgery it may take also up to $80 k.

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