Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing provides ways to bloggers and other websites owners to earn money by promoting heir affiliate links of affiliate products on their websites. Affiliate marketing asks website owners to promote their products of affiliate companies and in return makes ales for them or making quick impression.

Now a day’s Social media has become a big source of affiliate marketers and affiliate companies to make good money for both. Social Media like Facebook, Google adword has increased sales of affiliate marketers in a tremendous way overall.
So before starting to use any of the affiliate marketing networks we mentioned below. We ask you to learn tips to kick start your affiliate journey successfully.
1. Commission Junction

Commission Junction has now changed to CJ Affiliate by Conversant. It is a performance based marketing network. Founded in the year 1998.
Commission junction has been reported to be one of the largest affiliate networks in North America. This company has many ways to earn like Pay per Action and also a unique method like Pay per Call. It is used globally by millions of users and it was named second position in “blue book of top 20 affiliate networks”
2. Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten Link Share, Commonly called as LinkShare over the web has been ranked second in 2014 as the second best affiliate network all over the globally. It has more than a 10 Million users by 2012 and has increased up to 13 million users by 2014.It was ranked first in “Blue Book of top 20 affiliate networks”
It uses wide range of affiliate programs I presume around 2,500 affiliate programs overall by 2012.It might have increased as we are in 2014.It was founded in 1996.It is one of the pioneer in Affiliate marketing business.
3. Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the biggest online web service providers with wide range of services like Online store, Affiliate services etc. It is a bit different from others affiliate networks. Here, after registration on Amazon. You need to share their products through your websites, social media.
More precisely, it is a Pay per Sale Affiliate marketing strategy.

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