Banglarbhumi ROR Request at

Banglarbhumi ROR Request Service Available at West Bengal State land & land reforms and Refugee & Refugee relief/rehabilitation Portal for WB ROR Request Process at…

We all know that Banglarbhumi has been created in order to make the land records and related information digital in all cases of West Bengal State Citizens. In the same aspects, the website can be used to find out more information that can help any landowner, plot owner, or someone from a land department to ascertain the values of any property like land or house or plot without doing field inspection again.

So in simple terms, Banglarbhumi has made it easy for any owner or anyone who has access to the information to find out about the record of right which is also called as ROR, and in this guide, we will show you how to do a ROR checkup through this website easily.

Banglarbhumi ROR Request at

Every state has its own important document for the land or property records and for West Bengal Banglarbhumi ROR which is a record of right is an important document proposition. So, you will learn from the below steps on how to use the Banglarbhumi official website to check the record of right for any plot, land, or propriety that you want.

  • First, you will have to open the Banglarbhumi official website
  • And then click on the SIGN IN button from the top, then login with your account details
  • Then you have to click on Citizen Services from the top menu section and under this, you have to click on the ROR request option
  • Then ROR request details page will now open and you will have to fill all the information and details that are requested on the page
Banglarbhumi ROR Request
  • Once you have filled all the details you have to click on Calculate Free button and then it will show you the Processing Fees, then click on continue button
  • At the same time on the same page you will also see an Application No which is your application number for the ROR form request that you have to save as well
  • In the next page you will be asked to make the payment for the processing fees to generate the ROR form and make the payment through any payment option
  • Once the payment is done, then the page will be reloaded and then show the ROR form that you have requested details for.

You will also receive a confirmation on your registered mobile address and email address for the payment made and the form that you have received which has all the information asked.

As you continue the below guide you essentially have to create your Banglarbhumi account first and then make sure you also have the record details like the plot number, land number, or property address to whose ROR records that you want to check.

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