Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

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As we APPLE is one of the top brands in electronic gadget production, it’s one of the most popular product is APPLE watch, this watch has features similar to the smartphone like fitness, time tracking, messages on the go and many more features.

the two brothers Iphone and Apple watch are connected to each other, the smaller loves the elder very much so Apple watch doesn’t work without Iphone, to make the watch upto its maximum performance i have provided some Apple watch tips and tricks in this article

There are many features of Apple Watch (not only time tracking, messages on go etc,), these features can be enabled in the by using APPLE Watch APP in Iphone or from the settings in the watch and there are many Apple Watch Tips and Tricks, as i am fond of APPLE products i went on a study of these products and learnt some tricks and tips to use the APPLE watch in its high performance.

Apple watch tips and tricks:

when we are using an electronic gadget the most preferable feature we want is battery performance, the power reserve mode in the APPLE Watch can be enabled using the button to the side in the APPLE watch, press the button on the side of the APPLE Watch and hold it, now select power reserve option, after resembling power reserve option the APPLE watch displays only time.

when we are in the middle of a meeting suddenly a notification occurs it disturbs the total meeting and it upsets us too, so the next tip i want say is to make the notifications sound mute, every time we can’t go to options and make the notification sound low, so, there an option has been introduced in APPLE Watch i.e. cover to mute, we can enable cover to mute by opening APPLE Watch app in Iphone and going to sound & Haptics option, now click on sound & haptics option, there displays many settings in sounds in them select cover to mute

sometimes though Iphone or the device is somewhere near so the APPLE watch has provided a solution to this problem too, just you need to go the settings and there you can see a Iphone icon in blue color then the you can hear the sounds from the Iphone or notification sound from the Iphone.

some memorable screen can be made remembered by using the screenshot option, the screen shot can be taken by clicking both side button and crown button at a time.

when you face a problem of sending a text or message always as a dictation or a voice message then you might change the option by going into My Watch options and then click on messages and go to go to audio messages option then you may click on audio or text, this option enables the watch that everytime you give voice reply for message it asks you to send as a text or a voice.

some calls may be private and you may not want to talk on APPLE Watch so that everyone could listen to your conversation, this problem could be come out by making an option in the watch that Answer on Iphone, this makes the call on hold until it is lifted on the device.

I think these Apple Watch Tips and Tricks are useful to maximum extent if there are anymore please comment.

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