APCT New TIN Numbers for e-waybills generation to AP & TG

Commercial Taxes Department is already Started online registration facility for traders to choose the place of business and to establish their business headquarters. That’s way the APCT Provide new Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) will be issued to traders based on which they have to pay monthly VAT to the respective governments of Telangana Andhra Pradesh.

Commercial Taxes Department Senior Officer announced the Government of India is allotted the Now TIN No.36 for Telangana and the new TIN number 37 for Andhra Pradesh. The first Two TIN Numbers is say the Taxpayer represent geographical area like TIN No.36 Say Telangana and the TIN No.37 Say Andhra Pradesh. In Before days the United Andhra Pradesh have TIN No.28.

Now all the Traders in Confusion to traders and businessmen in Telangana and Seemandhra regions over seeking “waybill” to transfer goods from Hyderabad to Seemandhra and vice-versa. The June 2 is Opiated Day to Telangana and Seemandra, the transfer of goods from Hyderabad to Seemandhra region and vice-versa will be treated as “inter-state” trade and it requires traders to obtain waybill from the commercial taxes department. Traders have to pay 2 per cent central sales tax (CST) for the purpose.

Now the APCT is Given Opportunity to change the TIN Numbers the traders liven or trade State through online from the APCT Website. The APCT will Provide the New TIN Numbers in three types as per bellow listed.

1- For dealers of the Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh with no branches in Telangana , seeking a Registration only in the Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh.

2- For dealers of Telangana with no branches in the Residuary State of Andhra , seeking a Registration only in the State of Telangana.

3- For dealers seeking registration in both the states i.e. Telangana and Residuary State of AP.

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