Android KitKat Version 4.4.2 Released

Today we are going to discuss about the best android version ever by Google network. Google has been developing latest android version for android devices. Search engine giant Google on Friday unveiled a new Android KitKat (4.4.2).
This kitkat operating system has been optimized for low-cost Smartphone’s and tablets also, According to sources all new Smartphone’s will have this new version.. New Advanced Nexus launched this new version 5. Nexus 7, and the Nexus 4 Smartphone will be available for 10 tablets .Samsung Galaxy S5 and Moto E are having the KitKat version of android.

Note: Android 4.4.2 version is also launched and new updates are going on for Smartphone’s.

Do you want to know what features does the new Android version have? Let’s have a glance over its features.

Kitkat 4.4 Features at a glance
Hangouts kitkat key features. We see the Messages icon in previous versions; it is replaced by Hangouts application. Voice and video calling, texting, all now held by Hangouts. 4.4 tweaked and, on the low-end are optimized to work with low- memory devices. Whenever you want to hide the status bar and buttons you can do it easily. You can also have the latest UI effect feature on your Smartphone.

The translucent menu bar at the bottom of the screen gives us a KitKat. When you open the application launcher to the new transition effects. A new keyboard for emoticons, emoji keyboard is also included in the local Google .Now that the new phone app, a new dialer, caller ID, you talk to a lot of contacts prioritizes. If you are connected to Google Cloud Print to any printer from their phone through the photos, documents and web pages, printer.

Kitkat two new combined sensors, the platform provides support for the search and the step counter. This is for you, running, or when climbing the stairs allows you to keep track of the steps. This all new version of android makes your Smartphone even faster and makes your compatible life of apps easy and handling is also good.

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