5 Modern Day inventions that changed the World

Our world has drastically changed from the Stone Age to this generation. This generation where we can fly into air with in no time, while in the past I took us more than years to travel space. Industrializations also rapidly developed after introducing many industrial inventions. You may not believe how we lived in the past. But now with the modern inventions, we need to worry at all. All we need and all our needs are served in hours. So, let’s discuss the top 5 modern day inventions which helped to change the course of our world.
1. Automobiles

Automobiles which are the mere means of transports. Every home in the world has atleast one vehicle. Our daily travel decreased from a lot to less. We can now travel in minutes and cover large distances. After the inventions of fast running two wheelers and four wheelers, all kinds of development increased.
2. Mobile

Mobiles are used widely through the world. It is recorded that Usage of mobile devices exceeded the world population by two times and now it might be even more. Latest smart phones which support all kind of functions from capturing, video recording and calling.
3. Computers and Laptop’s

Computers and Laptops are being used in every institution, Hospital, Airport and even a semi centre of les population. They have reduced the human efforts and minimized their work. Every work of office can be easily done with them and using them has also become easier. With lots of competition in the computer market, the best is coming out.
4. Internet

The World Wide Web is sued by people all over the world. Google which is one of the best Search engine helps billions of people find their piece of work. Internet provides all detailed information from pictures to maps of any searched name or thing.
5. Debit / Credit Card’s

Debit and Credit card offers transaction or payment of any goods you bought one can easily transact money to other using his pin or code. You get debit card and credit card. Everyone who shops online uses credit cards for smart buy online.

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